Cardano is one of the most stable networks in the cryptocurrency industry. Cardano’s new record is 1760 days of operation without outages or problems.

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The Cardano network once again proved its reputation as one of the most stable cryptocurrency networks. This network has certain milestones compared to networks that face outages from time to time.

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Cardano’s new record

According to data from Cardano’s blockchain explorer, the network has been running smoothly for almost five years despite extremely heavy load. Only one bug has been observed in the Cardano network in 2021, when the network released its smart contract technology project.

The Cardano network has shown perfect and smooth performance in recent years. The number of GitHub commits for this project reached 350 in June. Such activities are often related to the use of technologies and solutions in the network. Working in Cardano is like working in an empty field for developers who bring their decentralized solutions from other networks to this network. The processing speed of the Cardano network as well as its fee is more suitable than other networks.

Cardano's new record: 1760 days without interruption

In addition to the small number of applications on the network, Cardano receives a large number of updates in a relatively short period of time compared to networks like Solana or even Ethereum.

One of the most recent and important Cardano updates is the Vasil hard fork. This update brings new features to the network and makes the process of installing decentralized applications significantly easier.

With the fundamental upgrade of the Cardano network, in the future we will see an increase in the number of new solutions and applications in the Cardano blockchain. At the time of writing, the price of the ADA token is up 0.66% over the last 24 hours to $0.5.

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