At the TrustTuesdays event, TrustVault announced the integration of the Cardano and Ronin network with the company’s wallet. Integrating various digital currency networks with a wallet supported by one of the world’s largest exchanges, Binance, is a logical solution.

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TrustVault announced at the TrustTuesdays event that the Cardano (ADA), Ronin (AXS,RON) and Kocoin (KCS) networks will be integrated with the company’s wallet. From now on, users can hold, exchange or convert these tokens using the Trust wallet.

Cardano and Ronin network integration details with Trust Wallet

Cardano has long presented itself as an independent and active blockchain. This popular cryptocurrency also has an acceptable performance in the field of NFT. Cardano-based projects and their tokens have so far been heavily dependent on the Cardano network. The addition of the support feature in the trust wallet will greatly help the growth of these projects.

Cardano and Ronin network integration with TrustVault wallet

The expansion of Ronin network support is very good news; Because this network is the main tool of blockchain gaming projects. The expansion of Ronin network activity will have a great impact on the growth and development of tokens such as AXS and RON (Axie Infinity Game Tokens).

Development of Kocoin exchange and its native token

In addition to the integration of the Cardano and Ronin network with TrustVault, new changes will also be important for the Kocoin exchange. This exchange has already reached 20 million users. This news should encourage the Kocoin project team to work more on the KCC network. Current Kocoin activity is mainly limited to the KCS token.

TrustVault’s actions to integrate three popular chains are commendable. The Trust wallet team has prepared itself for the battle of the crypto wallets in the market. MetaMask is undoubtedly the biggest competitor of TrustVault. Metamask users have been waiting for the release of the native token of this wallet for a long time. With regard to the implementation of the THORChain chain exchange program and the release of the browser extension in the not-so-distant future, TrustVault shows its ambitions to its competitors.

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