Based on the request of free zones Compilation of car import regulations for free zones This issue is on the agenda and will be implemented soon.

In this request for free zones, which was made with the approval of the Economic Commission, it is requested that Regulations for free zones It should be developed taking into account the sensitivities of the Ministry of Security and the Environment Organization.

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Vehicle import regulations for free zones

Shahram Mousavi, export development manager about Vehicle import regulations for free zones He says: “Based on the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, the free zones were included in the regulation of technical regulations for the import of cars to the mainland. But since the basis of this regulation is the entry of the car into the mainland, many of its clauses are related to the mainland and contradict the regulations of the free zones. For example, in the regulation, the issue of entry fees is raised, in the case that free zones do not have entry fees. This has made it difficult to import cars to free zones.

Mousavi went on to say:

Based on this, the Free Zones, with the approval of the Economic Commission of the Government, requested that a special regulation for the Free Zones be developed, taking into account the sensitivities of the Ministry of Security, the Environment Organization, etc., under the title of the Regulations for the Technical Regulations of Car Imports into the Free Zones, in order to eliminate the contradictory cases and in at the same time can Car import Facilitated to free zones. This request has been approved by the government’s specialized economic commission and the main government’s economic commission, and it will be on the agenda of the esteemed board of ministers.

Mousavi explained about the import of hybrid and two-wheeled cars: “In one of the clauses of this decree, the free zones subject to import for hybrid and two-wheeled cars are considered. The Secretariat of the Supreme Council believes that the other clauses of this resolution do not apply to free zones. Therefore, through a letter from the honorable legal assistant of the president, we received an inquiry as to whether other clauses are included in the free zones or not. If so, a request for amendment should be issued.”

The car import regulation was finally approved by the cabinet on August 26, 1401 and was notified to all organizations, including the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Economy, the Border Bank and the Deirkhane of the Supreme Council of Free Zones.

In this regard, Saeed Mohammad, the secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Commercial and Special Economic Zones, who had a critical view of the car import regulations, said: “In this resolution, the incentives intended for the mainland are more than the free zones, and the free zones are limited They have encountered more than the mainland.”

With an expert view, Saeed Mohammad expressed the problems of this resolution and called the neglect and neglect of these areas and the effective role they play in the targeted import of cars as a detriment to the macro economy of the country and requested Revision of this regulation brought up

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