The car crash detection feature, which is a practical feature of the Pixel phones, will probably be available soon for all Android phones on the market.

Google recently released the latest Personal Safety update for the Pixel device, and by reviewing the codes of this update, some experts have realized that the exclusive feature of the Pixel phone, Pixel-Crash Detection, will probably be available for other Android phones soon.

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Ability to detect car accidents

The code string below mentions nonpixel in the Personal Safety app v2022.05.25 update, which clearly means that this feature will likely be available in other Android phones in the near future.


You may ask, what is the ability to detect a car accident? It should be noted that this feature, which is currently exclusive to Pixel phones, works in such a way that it uses location sensors, motion sensors and ambient sound to detect car crashes.

Car crash detection capability is provided for all Android phones

If the pixel detects an accident in this situation, it plays the user out loud and asks if it needs help. If the user does not answer this question, the device will automatically call the emergency services and inform them of the location of the phone.

The interesting thing about this feature is that even when the Personal Safety app is not in use, it is still able to detect car crashes.

Of course, Google has not disclosed any details of the release of this feature for other Android devices, but the famous expert Michael Rahman guesses that this feature will not be released for all Android devices at the same time because it works properly in the Context Hub Runtime Environment (). CHRE) relies on, and as a result, Android device companies have to compile, sign, and then integrate with their software versions.

Since Google usually does not force any phone manufacturer to implement CHRE, the car crash detection feature may initially be available for only a small number of Android devices.

Of course, even if Google does, the only advantage is that the ability to automatically detect crashes reaches all Android phones faster.

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