Everything under the head unconscious mind It’s yours! Scientists have proposed a scary theory about self-awareness. Stay with Tikrato!

self awareness Awareness is about yourself and your surroundings, and awareness is unique to you and your mind. According to the new theory, choices They are formed in the unconscious and are transferred to the conscious in a fraction of a second.

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What is consciousness and unconscious mind

New theory of self-awareness It was developed by researchers at Boston University, which describes why self-awareness evolved and why it is so useful. What disorders are effective on it and why it is so difficult to diet and change priorities. Andrew Budesan, professor of neuroscience and author of the paper, explained:

“In short, our theory is that self-awareness evolved to use our unconscious mind for flexibility and for imagining the future and planning. What makes this theory completely new is that it shows We do not understand the world; We do not decide And We do not do things directly. “Instead, all these things are done by the unconscious mind and then – about half a second later – we consciously remember doing them.”

unconscious mind

Budson noted that he and his colleagues, Elizabeth Kensinger, Ph.D., of Boston College, and Kenneth Richman, Ph.D., of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, developed the theory to explain a number of phenomena that previously could not be explained by earlier theories of consciousness. be easily explained.

Bodesan, dean of the Department of Neuroscience at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Boston Healthcare System, continued:

“We knew that conscious processes are too slow to actively engage in music, sports, and other activities that require split-second reactions. But if self-awareness is not involved in such processes, a better explanation of what ‘self-awareness’ does is offered.”

Everything is under the subconscious mind!

According to the researchers of this theory, it is important because it clarifies how to make choices and actions, which previously, we mistakenly believed that these matters in conscious mind They are formed, but in reality they are created by our unconscious.

Therefore, the self-awareness of the mind is not the main platform of our actions, that is, it is probably okay to say to ourselves, I’ll just eat a scoop of ice cream, but then it is observed that the bowl is empty, right?

Generally, even our thoughts are not under our conscious control, the reason is uncontrollability:

For example, when we want to stop the fluid flow of our thoughts and imaginations to sleep, or the lack of concentration at work, and things like that…

Budsan and his colleagues consider a number of neurological, psychiatric and developmental disorders as disorders of consciousness, including dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s, delusions, migraines, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, certain types of autism, and so on.

What is free will and the power to decide?

unconscious mind
unconscious mind

Ultimately, their research provides a roadmap for how clinicians, professionals, and others use clinical and educational methods that can help shape self-consious And unconscious mind be effective, play a role to lead to behavioral improvement at the end.

With further exploration, we can expect patients to improve problematic behaviors such as overeating, or scientists to gain knowledge about how brain structures support memory, or even insight into philosophical issues such as free will and Moral responsibility to help.

Despite the controversy of this research, many questions remain:

  • Is it moral to punish people for their actions?
  • Is it possible to have more control over the subconscious mind?

it is interesting! Yes, it is an interesting research! But I am the translator of this writing, and I consciously decided to translate it, what factors caused my attention to be drawn to it is one thing, and the fact that I decided to translate it is another. So I think therefore I am!

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