One of the most important problems that iPhone phones struggle with is short battery life. You can increase the battery life of this device by using the calibration process. Note that the steps of this work can have various effects on the Apple phone. So, if you want, with the method calibrate iPhone battery Get to know, stay with us.

Why should we calibrate our iPhone battery?

There are different reasons for going through the iPhone battery calibration process. Although the Apple company attaches great importance to the user experience of its customers; Sometimes the devices produced by this company face a series of special problems. One of these problems is the reduction of battery life.

When you don’t use the whole battery, a series of important parts of it will have problems. By going through the process of calibrating your iPhone, you can easily increase the life of your battery.

Calibrate the iPhone

First step: drain the battery

Now that we have covered the preliminary topics, let’s go to the Calibrate steps. In the first step, you need to drain your phone’s battery. You can use your iPhone normally until it completely loses its charge. Watching movies and making phone calls can be considered as the fastest way to drain the battery. Of course, after the charge is empty, you should not connect it to the electricity and you should wait for 3 hours. Because when the iPhone turns off, there is a small amount of energy left in its battery.

In order to calibrate the battery of your iPhone, you must remove all the energy from it completely, otherwise it is not possible to calibrate it. You can wait between 2 and 4 hours depending on the model of the phone until the iPhone battery is fully discharged. If you can’t leave your phone during the day, it’s better to drain the phone’s battery at night before going to bed and don’t connect it to the charger until the morning so that the battery is completely discharged.

The second step: charging the battery

The second step in this process is recharging. You must connect your phone to charging using the charger cable and the original adapter. Note that this step should not be done using unauthorized converters and adapters. You must connect the mobile directly to the electricity. When your iPhone is fully charged, plug it back into the charger for 2 hours to make sure it is fully charged and ready to calibrate.

The golden tip of iPhone battery calibration

Calibrating the iPhone battery is an action that should be done every 1-3 months and it is even suggested that Calibrate should happen after every major iOS update. You have to repeat all the mentioned steps again. You have to charge your phone to zero again and wait a few hours for it to be fully discharged. When the phone’s battery is empty, you should connect it to the charger and wait a few hours after it is full and do not disconnect your phone from the charger.

This process can reduce your device’s battery charge to the minimum possible level and then increase it again so that the phone uses its full power. The chemicals inside this battery gain new energy and life using this process. As a result, you can safely increase the energy and power of your phone.

last word

As we said above, Calibrate iPhone battery It is considered one of the ways to increase the health of the iPhone battery, and in this article we have explained the steps to do this in full. If you have any questions about this, be sure to share it with us and other IPS users in the comment section.

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