Contrary to what was expected and in a situation where it was expected with Google Play filtering, the market welcomed the resulting monopoly, with the release of an official statement from Shahid Cafe Bazaar’s opposition to Google Play filtering Are!

Cafe Bazaar in response to Google Play filtering By publishing a statement, he has officially announced his opposition to this action. In this statement, referring to Cafe Bazaar’s effort to compensate for the gap caused by the restrictions imposed on the reference Android app store, it is announced that the filtering of Google Play will cause irreparable damage to the ego of Iranian users’ devices.

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Cafe Bazaar’s opposition to Google Play filtering

In this statement, which was published on Wednesday night in the market’s social networks, it is stated:

Cafe Bazaar's opposition to Google Play filtering;  This decision is irrational and unprofessional!

“Cafebazar or any other Iranian app store does not have the ability and technical access to the Android operating system to remove malicious programs from users’ phones; While with Google’s Play Protect, many malicious Android apps are automatically removed from the phone, and the absence of this tool causes undeniable damage to the security of Iranian users’ devices. Also, Kafebazar or any other Iranian app store does not have the ability to meet all the needs of users, and the number of 400,000 programs and games offered in the market is in no way comparable to the 3 million games and programs available in Google Play. Kafebazar has never claimed or tried to compete at this level of comprehensiveness.

Referring to the people’s right to access the Internet and the free flow of information, we read in the following statement of Cafe Bazar: “We, along with other Iranians, consider any restriction of citizens’ access, whether by governments or companies, to be a deprivation of basic rights and we are against it. Insisting on this unprofessional and irrational decision, and similar decisions such as blocking social networks, will result in consequences such as the spread of various security vulnerabilities in users’ devices, the increase of frauds through malicious programs, and cutting off people’s access to the programs and tools they need in today’s world. Will have”.

At the end of Cafebazar’s statement, we read: Now, after 10 years of that event, access to Google Play inside Iran has been blocked again, but this time not based on US sanctions, but by internal decision makers. Kafebazar, which has tried to fill the void caused by international restrictions for the people of Iran as much as possible, considers it necessary to express its opposition to this decision and restriction.

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