General Motors on Friday previewed the most expensive Cadillac ever. Cadillac’s $300,000 electric car can challenge major competitors.

The Detroit-based automaker has unveiled the Cadillac Celestiq, a futuristic sedan that is expected to go into production in 2023 and cost around $300,000 or more. Cadillac has mentioned this product as an all-electric flagship sedan.

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$300,000 Cadillac electric car

Cadillac's 300,000 dollar electric car was unveiled

Cadillac is expected to have a comprehensive plan for a strong presence in the electric vehicle market, which will gradually be implemented by the end of this decade. GM has not yet released specific information about the Cadillac Celeste, such as details about the electronic board, performance or otherwise.

Of course, we now know that the car has five interactive LED displays, including a 55-inch diagonal display in the front cabin. The smart glass roof has options to adjust transparency, and Ultra Cruise, GM’s next-generation advanced driver assistance system, is also available, which the company says will be able to drive in most situations.

Cadillac's 300,000 dollar electric car was unveiled

GM has confirmed that such technologies are part of the production car, but has declined to provide further details. As for the price, the Wall Street Journal was the first source to report the $300,000 price, and then CNBC also confirmed this through a reliable source.

The Celestial is a preview of a planned car, and that’s different from the concept car concept that automakers usually show for projects that may remain ideas. In fact, the rendering suggests serious action to get the project done, much like what Cadillac did with the Lyriq SUV, which recently entered production.

GM has already invested $81 million in its technology center in suburban Detroit to build the Cadillac Celeste. It’s the first time GM has produced a car for commercial sale at its massive technology campus in Warren, Michigan.

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