Building a country in the metaverse It is being formed with a specific and humanitarian purpose. In Metaverse, everything is virtual reality and augmented reality.

Building a country in the metaverse It is being investigated with the aim of reducing and dealing with global warming. But for Build this country in the metaverse There are many challenges. In Metaverse, it is possible to show the future in which augmented reality and virtual reality will be a part of everyday life.

Part of the challenges Building a country in the metaverse to issues about bandwidth, computing power and the fact that many users with Virtual reality headsets They are not incompatible, it is related.

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Building a country in the metaverse with the aim of combating the heat of the earth

The island nation of Tuvalu (Tuvalu) in the Pacific Ocean, as a response to the threat of rising sea levels, plans to create a version of itself in the Metaverse. Tuvalu’s Minister of Justice, Communications and Foreign Affairs, Simon Kufe, announced this news to the leaders of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27).

He said the plan, which covers a “worst-case scenario”, would include creating a complementary digital version of Tuvalu in Metaverse In order to simulate the beautiful islands and preserve its rich culture:

The disaster of this consequence cannot be overstated. Tuvalu may be the first country in the world to stand alone in cyberspace, but it won’t be the last if global warming continues unchecked.

Building a country in the metaverse
Simon Kufe

The main idea behind the decision is that Metaverse might allow Tuvalu to “function as an independent state” because its people would have to live elsewhere.

What does it mean to build a country in the metaverse?

Metaverse It shows a growing future in which Augmented Reality and virtual are part of everyday life. There are many views about the metaverse, the most well-known of which are “Mark Zuckerberg“, the CEO of Meta is concerned. Most of these visions of the metaverse have interactive and immersive 3D worlds in common. An avatar, as easily as moving between rooms in the physical world, in this world can be from one virtual world Move to another world.

Kufe states that three aspects of the country of Tuvalu can be recreated in the Metaverse:

  1. Realm: A recreation of Tuvalu’s natural beauty that can be interacted with in a variety of ways
  2. Culture: The ability of the people of Tuvalu to interact with each other in a way that preserves their common language, norms and customs.
  3. Sovereignty: If the territory that the Tuvalu government has sovereignty over were to be lost, would it be possible to have sovereignty over a virtual territory instead?
Building a country in the metaverse
Building a country in the metaverse

Technically, it is easy enough to create beautiful entertainment environments in the metaverse, and there are already many different 3D worlds, including Second Life, that allow users to interact completely virtually.

However, there are technical and social challenges in digitizing the elements that define an entire nation. Tuvalu has about 12 thousand citizens, but the simultaneous presence of even this number of people in virtual world It is also considered a technical challenge. Issues with bandwidth, computing power and the fact that many users with Virtual reality headsets They are not incompatible, they are among the challenges that can be mentioned.

Finally, Kufe points out that Metaverse It alone cannot be the answer to Tuvalu’s problems. He makes it clear that there is a need to focus on mitigating climate change through initiatives such as the Fossil Fuel Proliferation Treaty.

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