News of Brave’s new solution for collecting user information, the STAR system, which uses technical mechanisms to preserve and guarantee privacy, has been published.

Recently, the software company Brave has published details of a new method to collect data and user information. This new method is said to guarantee users’ privacy by default. The STAR system, which was developed by a team of researchers of this company, is designed in such a way to create the necessary trust among users by guaranteeing and protecting the privacy of users based on encryption techniques.

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Brave’s new solution for collecting user information

As mentioned, Brave recently introduced its new system, STAR, and announced that this technology will be deployed in a wide range of Brave products (including its popular browser) and is under consideration for platform-wide standardization (IETF). will be placed

In the best case, the personal information of any user should not be given to software developers. But the fact is that collecting this data and information is necessary and necessary to run software and eliminate dangerous cyber damages.

However, because most users are dissatisfied with their personal information being in the hands of companies and are suspicious of the information collection process, these companies must look for a way to collect information that meets the needs and desires of both groups. make

Brave's new solution to collect information

In a post published by Brave, the existing systems for collecting data are very expensive and only large companies can afford the cost of these systems. Also, these systems need reliable hardware and especially, or millions of users to achieve useful results. But on the other hand, the STAR system can be the best available system for these companies with an acceptable performance in protecting users’ privacy and with a lower cost for organizations.

In general, the STAR system is based on the concept of k-anonymity, whereby the information and data of users are not accessible to a specific person. In fact, the collector can never use the data in his hand to identify the owner of this information.

Although some data collection systems have used k-anonymity in the past, Brave claims that the STAR system can do this at a much lower cost and without the need for private hardware. According to Brave’s tests, this system is 24 times cheaper than other existing systems.

To encourage the use of the STAR system, Brave has released two versions of Rust and WASM under the Mozilla Public License v2. This work has made every organization to change this system as per their wish and make the best use of this system.

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