In the latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gorman, a famous analyst, announced the addition of a body temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 8, which checks the user’s body temperature.

In the latest version of Power On, Mark Gorman discussed the body temperature sensor in the Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE 2 and the rugged version of this smart watch and shared interesting information with us.

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According to Gorman, the Apple Watch Series 8 and the rugged version of Apple’s new smartwatch will likely both have this new feature, but the Apple Watch SE2 is unlikely to feature this feature.

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The addition of a body temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 8

Gorman explains how the new feature will work on Apple’s new generation of smartwatches:

The body temperature monitoring feature does not provide a specific value to the user (such as a forehead or wrist thermometer); But it should be able to detect whether you have a fever or not. Then, the watch can suggest the owner to see a doctor or use a specialized thermometer.

Body temperature sensor will be added to Apple Watch Series 8, but on one condition!

The addition of such a sensor to the Apple Watch 8 series is naturally attractive, but we must not forget that such a feature first requires the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For now, though, the body temperature sensor feature coming later this year looks a lot like the oxygen sensor, which doesn’t necessarily provide medical information, but can simply check general conditions.

In the Bloomberg newsletter, it is said that other hardware changes will probably be very minor. For example, as it was said before, the new series of Apple watches probably have the same S6 chip in the Apple Watch 6 series. This makes the 8th generation the third consecutive generation of Apple Watch with the same processor. Gorman also mentioned at the end that the display of high-end Apple watches will probably be much brighter and more modern than the previous generation.

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