City Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre), Brazil, to help expand the largest cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Pizza Day added to your calendar.

The city of Porto Alegre, Brazil officially Bitcoin Pizza Day has added to its calendar of annual celebrations. The festivities of Porto Alegre are held every year on the 22nd of May.

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On Bitcoin Pizza

According to a report published by LiveCoins on October 12, the decision Adding Bitcoin Pizza Day to Porto Alegre city calendar, adopted after the participation of Jesse Sangalli and Alexandre Bobadra at the 2022 annual celebration. At this year’s celebration, Senegal and Bobadara learned about the importance of Bitcoin (BTC) as well as the milestones of the market’s biggest cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Pizza Day has been added to the city calendar in Brazil!

According to Sangli, a member of the Porto Alegre City Council, the purpose of adding Bitcoin Pizza Day to the Porto Alegre calendar is to introduce the people of this city to decentralized financial innovations. Porto Alegre currently has a population of 1.5 million. Sebastiao Melo, the mayor of Porto Alegre, has taken responsibility for the approval of this bill, which is valid until the end of August.

Origin of Bitcoin Pizza Day

On May 22, 2010, one of the users of the BitcoinTalk community spent his ten thousand bitcoins to buy two pizzas; For this reason, cryptocurrency market enthusiasts refer to May 22 as Bitcoin Pizza Day. At that time, the price of each Bitcoin unit was $0.0025.

The value of bitcoins that were used to buy pizzas today is 207 million dollars arrives. Buy pizza with BitcoinIt is the first practical use of digital gold. Many crypto fans celebrate this day annually.

Bitcoin expansion process

It is worth noting that since 2010, Bitcoin has evolved and entered the global payment systems. Bitcoin’s biggest victory came when El Salvador As the first independent government, it announced this cryptocurrency as its legal currency.

Many countries are planning to follow a similar path. A bear market in digital currencies has led to a decline in talk of Bitcoin expansion. BTC could potentially be used as a payment method. Different jurisdictions intend to help the path of Bitcoin adoption by enacting specific laws.

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