Witness the recent events in the crypto market Bitcoin falls to the lowest price We have been in the last two years. The price of this currency has dropped by more than 11% in the last 24 hours.

The most popular cryptocurrency in the crypto market, Bitcoinduring Last 24 hours A drop of about more than 11 percent and despite the recent events of the crypto market, we have seen Bitcoin fall to the lowest price in the last two years.

According to the data of the Coin Marketcap website, during the past day and today, the price of this cryptocurrency is even lower than the range 17 thousand dollars has also decreased. Also, these data indicate that over the past week, the most popular cryptocurrency in the market has more than 16 percent has fallen

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Bitcoin falls to the lowest price in two years

This price drop with Mid-term elections Senate and Congress of the United States and publishing news about the purchase of the exchange FTX By Binance, has been synchronized and the price of Bitcoin has experienced a significant decrease. According to the data in the network (such), apparently, the FTX exchange was not able to handle the withdrawals, and this past day, there were news that the withdrawal from FTX was stopped.

This is especially the case in some stablecoins, including USDT And USDC It was noticeable and we saw a temporary stop of their withdrawal from FTX exchange. This incident has caused some market analysts to believe that the heavy fall of Bitcoin in the last 24 hours is related to the issue of FTX exchange.

Bitcoin falls to the lowest price

On the other hand, some market analysts believe that at the same time as the mid-term elections US Senate and Congress from one side, Inflation October, on the other hand, has led to heavy fluctuations in the crypto market. These analysts say that the series of these events has caused the state of the crypto market to see new days. What is clear is that the investors of this market will be affected and the possibility of many of them losing.

Some analysts consider the main reason for this price drop to be the comments made by the CEO of Binance yesterday about the FTX exchange. These market analysts are of the opinion that what he said about the FTX exchange had a negative impact on the fall in the price of Bitcoin, followed by other cryptocurrencies in the market.

In order to draw a definitive conclusion, we have to wait to see how far the Bitcoin decline will continue. Some analysts are of the opinion that if the downward trend continues, we should wait $14,000 worth of Bitcoin and on the other hand, if this trend reverses, we can see the $30,000 bitcoin in the market again.

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