the news Biden’s sharp attack on Elon Musk Because of Twitter’s lies, there is a lot of hand-wringing in the media. But what is the story?

Joe Biden The president of the United States of America He believes that Elon Musk has sinister thoughts on Twitter and this large social network can be a platform for spreading false news. Biden believes in the idea that Elon Musk’s intention to buy Twitter is just promoting lies.

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Biden’s sharp attack on Elon Musk

During the last week, the founder of the companies Tesla and SpaceX He managed to buy Twitter and became the chairman of this social network sit down One of Musk’s important actions after buying Twitter was to launch the blue tick premium service for which you have to pay $8. Of course, his other important and decisive action, Half of Twitter’s employees were fired It had a lot of reflection in the media.

According to Joe Biden:

Right now we are all worried about one thing and that is that Musk has bought a company that is spreading a bunch of lies all over the world. Twitter has no content reviewer United States And how can children understand what is dangerous waiting for them?

Biden's sharp attack on Elon Musk
Biden’s sharp attack on Elon Musk

In addition to Biden, White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre spoke about the need to reduce hate speech and fake news. According to Jean-Pierre: “This is about Twitter, Facebook or any other platform that spreads fake news.”

However, Musk had announced before buying Twitter that he intended to promote freedom of expression in this social network bring to the fore With this account, advertising companies had expressed concern about Musk’s actions in the last few months.

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