The ban on the use of the Chrome browser in Dutch schools has been announced and has resulted in some side effects. This restriction is due to privacy concerns.

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This is not the first time that there have been concerns about Google products and privacy. Google has been accused of data collection several times before. According to the decision of the Netherlands and due to security issues, the use of the Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system is now restricted for schools.

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Banning the use of Chrome browser in Dutch schools

The restriction and ban on the use of the Chrome browser in Dutch schools will continue until August 2023. Among the reasons for this decision by this country, we can mention the concern about the collection of students’ information, the possibility of sharing this information with advertising networks, as well as the lack of information about their storage location.

Banning the use of Chrome browser in Dutch schools

Officials of the Dutch Parliament have expressed their concern about privacy and information security in a signed letter. They pointed out that when using the Chrome browser and operating system, privacy and information security should be given importance.

Parliament officials also held meetings with various technology companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Zoom, which focused on protecting private information and increasing the level of transparency when using user information.

According to Google’s agreement, next year new versions will be released for Chrome browser and operating system. Also, Google will include the requirements of the Dutch educational sector in its new versions, of course, even after the release of new versions by Google, information security will be checked and if there are no problems in the new versions, public access will be allowed.

According to the country’s decision, until August 2023, Dutch schools are allowed to access and use the current versions of the Chrome browser and operating system, provided that they take into account the security and privacy measures recommended by the Ministry of Education of this country. do

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