The Audi car company has officially announced that it will come to the Formula One races from 2026. Audi’s entry into Formula 1 can be considered as a launching pad in terms of branding and technology upgrade for this car manufacturer.

Audi company which mostly operates in the field of luxury car production, the main reason for the decision Entry to Formula 1 has announced in the turn of competitions towards stability and implementation of new rules.

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Audi’s entry into Formula 1

One of the new rules that is going to be implemented in Formula One, and coincidentally with Audi’s policies, is to hold attractive races without carbon pollution. The organizers of Formula 1 have decided to run all the Formula 1 races until the end of the current decade in this way, which can be one of the reasons. Audi’s entry into Formula 1 knew

Audi's entry into Formula 1; Audi's launch pad

Audi CEO Markus Deusman has an interesting take on this decision. He says that just as DNA is an inseparable part of every individual, motor sports and racing are also an inseparable part of this company.

Also Deosman during a press conference about the decision Audi’s entry into Formula 1 He said: “Formula 1 is a global platform to display the brand and also a challenge for the development of new technologies.” He added: “The combination of competition and high power always leads to progress and transfer of innovation and technology in the automobile industry.”

Audi's entry into Formula 1; Audi's launch pad

Considering that this series of Formula 1 races is one of the most exciting races, Audi’s entry into Formula 1 It can also be interesting in terms of branding. Statistics show that in 2021, more than one and a half billion television viewers will be watching these exciting matches. In addition, the popularity and fans of Formula 1 races on social networks are added every day.

Furthermore Audi’s entry into Formula 1 which has many fans in the two countries of China and the United States, is very important because these two countries are considered as the two vital markets of this automobile company.

Even though this car company is from Automatic entry into Formula 1 has announced, but has not yet announced which team he will work with. But on the other hand, it is heard that this cooperation with Sauber take place If this partnership takes off, it will be Sauber’s first appearance since BMW pulled out of Formula One in 2009.

Audi's entry into Formula 1; Audi's launch pad

Rumor has it that the engine Lord of the Rings which is being built for this series of competitions in Newbag and at the Audi center, and tests are currently being conducted in this center on Formula 1 engines.

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