After the heavy fall of the cryptocurrency market, whale attention Atrium Focuses on small altcoins. Atrium Whales invest in cryptocurrencies that have less market cap in order to profit from declining markets.

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These cryptocurrencies were known only to their communities before the whales invested. Whale investing in small cryptocurrencies leads to a sharp rise in the price of these cryptocurrencies; That is exactly what happened in the price jump شیبا اینو it fell.

After the success Dodge Quinn And in the digital currency market, many small cryptocurrencies also entered the field; And now, as the market collapses and the value and attractiveness of the market’s top two meme coins disappear, other low-value tokens come to the attention of Atrium whales.

Atrium whales invade low-cost penises

WhaleStats data show that market whales are still very interested in small currencies. Some whales keep more than $ 3 million worth of low-value tokens in their wallets. ShibDoge is one of the memes on the market that uses the popularity of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu to create a single token. The Whale Wallet Tracker shows that the top Atrium whales hold an average of $ 3184,962 of this token.

Atrium whales became interested in these low-value altcoins

Other low-value tokens that have been noticed by the whales include VOY, PAN, ANCT and THX. Whales keep large amounts of these cryptocurrencies in their wallets. Shiba Ino cryptocurrencies surpassed FTX to become the second most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. Shiba currently accounts for 13.46% of the whales’ total assets.

By studying the behavior of atrium whales, we can find out which cryptocurrencies these people are most interested in. In the last 24 hours, most of the Atrium Whale trades have been on FTX tokens. Second on the list is the new ShibDoge meme quin. The average whale trading on these cryptocurrencies is $ 3 million.

SteelCoin USDC is the third top cryptocurrency exchanged between whales. Atrium, BUSD, Tetra and DAI are next. Looking at the list of whale exchanges, we find that stable coins have a large part of their assets.

LINK, CRV and UNI are the next whale trading ranks. News of the acquisition of Genie by Uniswap and its upcoming AirDrop has sparked investor interest in UNI ciphers.

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