Image created by artificial intelligence Winner of a photography festival in America became. This image was created by an artist using artificial intelligence Midjourney it was made.

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In recent months, it is possible Creating beautiful artistic images with artificial intelligence tools Like DALL-E, it has affected the people of the world. Recently, an artist named Jason Allen, who is the CEO of board game maker Incarnate Games, created an image titled Théåtre D’opéra Spatial using Midjourney AI engine has created

In this artwork, he shows a person dressed in white, standing in front of a very large, circular, window-like enclosure. Alan submitted his image to the Digital Arts/Digitally-Manipulated category of the Colorado State Fine Arts Competition and won first place.

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Artificial intelligence won a photography festival in America!

Despite all the criticisms of Jason Allen’s work, while supporting his work, he announced on his Discord account under the username Sincarnate: “I decided to use Midjourney to express my point of view in a competitive way. “Couldn’t be more excited to win with my favorite piece: Theater d’Opera Spatial.”

He then claims that 100% of this image is art He made it himself and spent many weeks to achieve this work.

Artificial intelligence wins a photography festival

Tools for converting text to image of artificial intelligence, creating an image Based on text commands Users do. Previously, these systems were exclusive to companies such as Google and OpenAI, but in recent months, with the progress of this field, they have been increasingly available to the public.

Although Allen’s work was defined as digital art by the Colorado State Fine Arts Competition guidelines His use of artificial intelligence in the creation of this work Henry has also brought criticism. The definition of digital arts according to this guideline is: “an artistic practice in which digital technology is used as part of the creative process”.

As it turns out, it also includes Allen’s work. But the artificial intelligence system used by Allen, called Midjourney, which is one of the most popular and well-known tools in this field and is mostly used to simulate contemporary digital art styles. Therefore, this issue has caused criticism of Jason Allen’s work.

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