The result of artificial intelligence prediction of the World Cup Published by a famous supercomputer. Based on this, it seems that we should witness the confrontation of two long-time rivals in the final!

A famous supercomputer in the world of technology has predicted, using artificial intelligence, that the two national teams of Argentina and Portugal will meet in the finals of the 2022 World Cup, and in the end it will be captain Albi Celeste who will win the cup.

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Artificial intelligence prediction of the World Cup

By performing advanced processing with the help of artificial intelligence, this supercomputer has come to the conclusion that the 2022 World Cup final, an attractive and dream match between Argentina and Portugal; It will be Chris Ronald and Lionel Messi!

According to this research conducted by BCA, in this final, Argentina will finally win and Messi will win the golden cup over Ronaldo and his friends.

This analysis indicates that in the finals of the World Cup in Qatar, Argentina will win over Portugal in penalty kicks. This review was commissioned by Forforto magazine and carried out by BCA.

artificial intelligence prediction of the World Cup;  Messi and Ronaldo in the final!

The interesting point of the story is that considering the age of the two superstars of the world of football and their physical conditions, it seems that the 2022 World Cup will be their last appearance in the biggest national football tournament in the world.

Although many do not have hope for the brilliance of the national teams of Portugal and Argentina due to reasons such as the performance of these two in their club teams, but we must not forget that Messi and Ronaldo are players for sensitive and stressful moments and it is natural if they work with all their heart and soul for Let your teams play. One of the BCA researchers told Forforto:

Choosing between Messi and Ronaldo is like choosing between Mozart and Beethoven or between Da Vinci and Michelangelo. It means that you cannot be satisfied with objective analysis in this choice and in the end it is your taste that determines which one you like the most.

This research has collected the required data from various sources. Among these sources, we should mention the statistics of football players in different leagues and their statistics in 192 games of the group stage of the previous World Cups and 64 matches in the elimination stages of the previous five World Cups. Messi and Ronaldo have already been present in the previous 5 editions of the World Cup.

It should be noted that the aforementioned research was not limited to the finals, in fact artificial intelligence first analyzed the group matches and based on this and relying on data such as the average scores of the players and their past performance, the teams advancing to the elimination stage were determined. The supercomputer then went to the elimination stages and with similar calculations and of course adding variables such as the historical probability of the teams winning reached the final of Argentina and Portugal. As a result, due to France’s championship in 2018 and the inclusion of a parameter called “winner’s curse” in the calculations, this computer considered a negative score for France!

BCA company announced in the note accompanying this review:

How confident are we about the results of our investigation? Although we consider this review to be the best possible estimate with the currently available tools, we must point out that Argentina faces more difficult matches than Portugal in the knockout stages. We came to the conclusion that the two teams will draw in the final game, but Argentina has a better chance in penalty kicks.

This analysis indicates that the most likely result for the final between Portugal and Argentina is a draw. In the end, when it comes to penalty kicks, it is Messi and his teammates who have a better chance to win the championship.

artificial intelligence prediction of the World Cup;  Messi and Ronaldo in the final!
artificial intelligence prediction of the World Cup; Messi and Ronaldo in the final!

What has led to this conclusion is that in the history of the World Cups, Albi Celeste has won four out of five games that went to penalty kicks. Argentinians have successfully converted 77% of their penalties into goals and are superior to Portugal in this respect.

Portugal, however, has won only 1 penalty shootout in the history of World Cups. The victory against England in the 2006 World Cup in penalty kicks where the Portuguese success rate in penalty kicks was 60%. Of course, it should not be forgotten that one of the reasons for this difference is that Portugal has played fewer games in the knockout stages of the World Cup than Argentina.

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