The police commander of East Tehran province, while confirming the arrest of 4 people for selling entrance exam questions, has announced the complaints of more than 30 losers.

The East Tehran Police Commander announced today the arrest of members of a 4-member gang selling entrance exam questions in Pakdasht city and said that the members of this gang, through their fraudulent methods and tricks, first gained the trust of the losers and then proceeded to receive large sums of money from each victim. They asked questions. An amount of about 40 million tomans.

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Arrest of 4 people for selling entrance exam questions

Kiomars Azizi, the East of Tehran Police Commander, told reporters today that some people were selling fake national entrance exam questions with untrue documents, referring to the 1401 entrance exam and the constant monitoring of cyberspace by FATA police experts in Tehran province and surrounding cities. Were. Azizi said about this:

Investigations by FATA police experts revealed that the man had provided a card number to sell fake questions to buyers, who were identified and arrested during inquiries.

Arrest of 4 people for selling entrance exam questions by FATA police

He continued that by examining the defendant’s bills and videos of the cameras and passages of the units to which the defendants had gone for money laundering, the accomplices and other gang defendants were identified and arrested while trying to escape at one of Tehran’s exit terminals. Tehran East Police Commander added:

The arrested defendants tried to attract low-educated people in this field by posting job advertisements and employment.

They were then asked to create a digital currency account to earn money and get a job. After directly depositing the money they had defrauded citizens into the accounts of jobseekers, these jobseekers were told to buy digital currency to receive a percentage of the deposit and transfer it to the main defendant’s wallet.

While the defendants were trying in this way to avoid leaving a trace of their work, but so far 30 complaints have been made in this regard and the process of complaints continues. The East Tehran Police Commander also noted:

FATA police are ready to respond to citizens around the clock. Users can refer to the FATA Police website and while taking advantage of its various and educational content, any suspicious cases can be found at, the Cyber ​​Emergency Center section, the link for registering public reports, or [email protected] Share with us on all internal social networks.

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