Apple's new iPads with the M2 chip will be introduced soonApple’s new iPads with the M2 chip They will be introduced soon. These products are going to be launched by Cupertinos during an online event.

Apple in the next few days, iPad Pro tablets equipped with M2 chip will introduce

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Apple’s new iPads with the M2 chip will be introduced soon

In his latest newsletter, Mark Gorman, a reporter for Bloomberg News, revealed the unveiling of the new 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pros, codenamed J617 and J620, in the coming days.

Apple's new iPads with the M2 chip will be introduced soon

Apple is expected to unveil two new iPads with the M2 chip before October 27. This date coincides with the announcement of the company’s annual and quarterly earnings. Although no public event is scheduled for this date, the tablets will be announced at an online press conference on the company’s website.

The addition of the M2 chip (and other hardware changes) allows for features like MagSafe charging and reverse wireless charging to be added to the iPad. With the help of these capabilities, it will be possible to charge other Apple devices by these iPads. Also, probably witness the introduction iPadOS 16 we will be This update is usually introduced at the same time as the new iOS is introduced, but this time it has been delayed by a year.

Probably during this presentation, Apple will unveil a new tablet with a similar design iPad Pro Yes, but it uses a USB C port. This product is considered to be the most significant update of the Apple tablet product line, which is a low-end product and will be updated once a year.

Also, Apple on the M2 version Mini Mac laptops It also works. Therefore, these laptops will also see changes after 2 years. In addition, Apple is also working on new Apple TVs with the A14 chip and 4 GB of internal memory.

According to Gorman, the lack of inventory Apple Watch Ultra It is because of the lack of straps of this smart watch and not because of the lack of the device itself. The blue and yellow Apple Watch Ultra bands are nearly rare, and the orange and alpine bands are hard to find. This shortage has caused the shipments of this smart watch to be delayed until the first week of November.

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