Apple Metaverse It is being launched as a fierce competitor in this field for the Zuckerberg-owned company. This competition can be useful for users in various aspects.

A new report suggests that Apple is working on a new project and considering that Meta (The parent company of Facebook) is aggressively developing its metaverse, it seems, as a developer Iphone Also working on version Metaverse is itself

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Apple Metaverse is coming!

For now, many are still waiting for the Cupertino giant headset Expected based AR/VR to introduce itself, which will be the last product of this brand’s consumer electronic products this year. However, its launch is only a rumor and the company has not yet revealed any timetable for the launch of the device. Although the previous rumors to supply Mixed reality headset They mentioned in the spring of 2023. But according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, the company isn’t planning a simple new version of electronic hardware to do the job in this area.

Apple Metaverse

A new report claims that Apple is working on a “3D mixed reality world” has started and is currently recruiting talents for this project. in other words, Apple Metaverse It is being launched which is designed to compete in the Metaverse field with its rival Meta in the Mixed Reality category. In addition, Gorman published this news based on the latest list of Apple company hiring jobs. Apparently, the company is working on a version of the Metaverse It will be based on virtual reality and augmented reality.

So it seems that supply AR/VR headset The future may be the brand’s first step in this direction. Interestingly, the search engine giant, Google, also works on a mixed reality headset. The news means that all three American tech giants are entering a new mixed reality future that Tim Cook It has been called “the next big thing”.

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