The relationship between Apple and Qualcomm is complex. Qualcomm is the only company to supply Apple 5G chips after Intel. In fact, Apple decided to buy the Intel modem segment in order to eliminate Qualcomm in order to produce its own modems.

Well-known analyst Ming Chi Koo recently reported that according to the company’s timeline (second half of 2023) such a thing (Apple’s internal modems) will not happen.

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The initial impression of these professions was that 5G modem technology was not ready; But according to FOSS Patents, Apple has encountered legal problems in developing 5G modems and has nothing to do with technical or engineering challenges.

What is the problem with Apple 5G modem?

The contract between Apple and Qualcomm expires in 2025, and Apple can extend this contract until 2027. Previously, it was thought that Apple could develop its own modems before the end of the contract; But as the evidence shows, such a thing does not happen.

Apple could not develop its own 5G modem due to legal issues

The problem is that there are currently two patents that block Apple from advancing and have nothing to do with 5G. One of the patents is about rejecting a phone call by sending an SMS. The second patent is related to the user interface of switching between applications.

More interestingly, if Apple launches its own 5G modem development plans, Qualcomm will sue Apple over legal issues with the two patents. These two patents will expire in 2029 and 2030, respectively. In addition, Apple’s attempt to revoke the two patents was unsuccessful; Because the Supreme Court decided not to consider Apple’s application to address the patent challenge.

Apple initially hoped to supply only 20 percent of its modems through Qualcomm by the end of 2023, not 100 percent. If the news and reports are true, Apple will remain affiliated with Qualcomm.

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