According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Google are under the microscope of the US Federal Trade Commission to monitor the process of collecting and selling user information.

The latest Wall Street Journal report states that four US Federal Trade Commission lawmakers plan to investigate the process of gathering information by two tech giants, Apple and Google.

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According to the publication, the lawmakers in a letter to the head of the Federal Trade Commission, Lina Kahn, said that Apple and Google collectively collect users’ personal information by creating special ad tracking IDs in the Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

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Apple and Google under the magnifying glass of the US Federal Trade Commission

The Wall Street Journal emphasizes that both companies have taken positive steps to limit the collection of user information. For example, Apple has taken several different approaches, such as logging in with an Apple account and transparency of the ability to track apps and report suspicious privacy issues.

The four lawmakers protest that senators Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden and Corey Booker are with MP Sarah Jacobs, but argue that the process of tracking user information by the two tech giants should be made more difficult. Apple, for example, usually enables the tracking ID by default, and the user has to go through complex steps to disable it.

Apple and Google under the magnifying glass of the US Federal Trade Commission;  Will user information be sold?

Worse than Apple was Google, which not only enabled this feature by default, but even until recently did not allow it to be disabled. Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker argue that these identifiers provide information about a device that data brokers and their clients can use to link to other consumer data; They have boosted the market for selling illegal information.

Despite Apple’s commendable efforts to protect privacy in recent years, the company is still not immune to claims of monopoly or failure to ensure the safety of users.

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