The names of 15 other cars were also included in the sales list without a lottery. Taking into account these 15 cars, the number of cars that will be sold without a lottery, along with Shahin Saipa, reached 16 cars.

Omid Qalibaf, spokesman for the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, said: “In the first step of eliminating the lottery of 15 cars, a sale plan will be offered without a lottery.” It should be noted that both domestic car companies Iran Khodro and Saipa have participated in the car sale plan without a lottery.

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Sale without car lottery: Introducing 15 new cars

With the announcement of the spokesman of the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade that 15 more cars will be offered out of the lottery, the number of cars that will be offered without a lottery has reached 16. Earlier, Shahin model was offered in Saipa Group, after producing three times as much, without ready lottery. A spokesman for the Ministry of Silence said:

These 15 sales plans were announced in the first period of offering the integrated car allocation system with less than the announced applicants, and as a result, no lottery will be held for their sale.

Qalibaf added about how to buy these cars: “Applicants to buy these cars can go to the car manufacturers’ sales sites and buy the desired product.” He also announced about companies offering cars without lotteries:

Saipa Company from today (July 2) and Irankhodro and other automakers will start selling cars on their sites from next week.

Sale without lottery

“Gradually, with the increase in car production that we are witnessing, other car sales plans will be excluded from the lottery,” Qalibaf continued.

He also explained: “The integrated car allocation system has played an important role in reducing the inflammation of the car market and eliminating intermediaries. “Car allocation for 176,000 cars registered four million people, which shows that this system has been able to succeed in regulating the market.” It should be noted that in the fifth paragraph of the eight articles of the President in the field of automobiles are stated:

Regarding the way of offering cars to the people in order to create transparency and increase people’s satisfaction, while gradually eliminating the lottery process with increasing supply, the current process of offering cars (through lotteries) should be immediately corrected and made necessary.

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