One of the world’s largest BTC wallet addresses has taken an important step. Anonymous Bitcoin Whale transferred 46,000 BTC. Of course, this sale did not have much effect on the market.

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One of the largest non-exchange cryptocurrency transactions has appeared on the blockchain, worth 46,000 Bitcoins ($1 billion). This transaction has caused discussion and debate among investors and traders.

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Anonymous whale heavy transfer bitcoin

Anonymous Bitcoin Whale transferred 46,000 BTC

In the past, Bitcoin’s anonymous whale was considered the seventh largest address in the entire blockchain space. This whale lost its position by making 5 transactions worth 15 thousand bitcoins each.

Anonymous Bitcoin Whale’s mass sale of 46,000 Bitcoins was the second largest sale in the history of this address. This whale has been accumulating bitcoins continuously since 2019. The largest Bitcoin anonymous whale wallet distribution took place in January 2021. On this date, which was the peak of the cryptocurrency bull market, 7000 bitcoins were sold by this BTC whale.

Currently, the balance of Whale’s BTC wallet address is equal to his holdings in January 2021. It is very likely that this whale will continue to accumulate bitcoins. Due to the recovery of the price of Bitcoin, the main reason for this heavy selling is still not clear.

Fortunately, the sale of Bitcoin whale assets has not had much impact on the cryptocurrency market. The anonymous Bitcoin whale was able to sell a large portion of its holdings at a relatively bargain price of $23,000 instead of $17,000.

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