Android 13 Go The exclusive version of Android 13 was released for cheap phones. Stay with us to learn about the features of this operating system.

In the last decade, smartphones have made significant improvements and are now equipped with dedicated chips for artificial intelligence and machine learning, image signal processors and all kinds of new and advanced technologies.

In the meantime, budget phones have made good progress, but over time, Android It has also become heavier and its implementation requires powerful hardware. Despite recent advances, many low-end phones still lack the power to run this operating system smoothly. That’s exactly why, Google Go version of Android for such phones. After publication Android 13 In August this year, Google has unveiled Android 13 Go.

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Introducing Android 13 Go

By installing Android 12 Go on cheap phones, design Material You It was not added to them. Instead, the focus of this version was on running applications faster, sharing applications using Nearby Share, and the ability to hibernate applications. But Install Android 13 Go It causes the implementation of dynamic themes based on the type of background of the phone, which in this version is limited to 4 colors, unlike the full version that had 16 colors.

Android 13 Go

The Discover page of Google’s smart assistant has also been added to Android 13 Go, and using it, you can access the Discover tab by dragging the home screen to the right. On this page, photos, articles and videos recommended by Google are displayed so that you are always informed about the latest news in the world.

Android 13 Go It has the ability to support Google Play system updates, so installing this version can directly optimize the operating system without occupying more memory or upgrading the operating system. This entire process takes place without the involvement of phone manufacturers, which is usually considered a bottleneck.

Currently, Google releases monthly system updates for Android devices that add new features, improve performance, and fix bugs. Apart from these cases, Android 13 Go brings other important features of Android 13 to budget phones, such as The ability to set the language in each application separately.

Google announced in its announcement that more than 250 million devices are currently working with Android Go. That’s a 50 million increase over the previous year, though Android Go It doesn’t get much attention from the media, but it has a lot of demand from users.

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