Microsoft announces the release of Android 12L for Surface Duo 1 and 2. Before this, Microsoft has had a difficult time entering the field of Android smartphones.

Microsoft with Surface Duo It had a hard entry in the “Android Smartphones” section. is this a bird Is it Windows Phone? Not! It’s a dual-screen device that runs Android and offers unique features that are supported by Microsoft’s suite of apps and services.

Despite the shortcomings, this device will certainly be desired by some users, and Microsoft has launched the second generation with improvements. Now, according to rumors, a third model is also on the way. Despite initial problems and some delays, the company has worked hard to Software support provide a suitable Rumors indicate Android 12L release for Surface Duo Is.

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Android 12L release for Surface Duo 1 and 2

Microsoft got off to a slow start in rolling out Duo updates, but things seem to be picking up. The company is rolling out Android 12L for this product, and we know it’s a step behind Google and its Android 13. However, this version is much better than the version of Android 11 currently running on both devices. Hopefully it won’t take more than a year to get Android 13 for the Surface Duo series. But it’s best to be patient for now.

Android 12L release for Surface Duo

Android 12L is currently available for Microsoft Surface Duo 1 and 2 owners. The size of this update is 3.2 GB for Surface Duo 2 and 2.6 GB for the first model. You can manually check if an update is available in your smartphone’s settings. It will take some time for this update to be rolled out to all devices, after all, it seems that this update is rolling out in batches. The company may also use the initial release method to make sure there are no major bugs in its release.

Android 12L release for Surface Duo will be available on both models, so Surface Duo 1 And Surface Duo 2 They get Android 12L, and although it’s not the latest version of Android, it’s better than Android 12. After all, the “L” version brings several improvements for tablets, foldables and large-sized devices.

Android 12L release for Surface Duo

The OS comes with Material You, updated widgets, privacy improvements and more. This update comes with a more radical redesign of the system than what we’re used to. When it comes to Microsoft optimizations, there will definitely be a new font to choose from. You can activate it via Surface Slim Pen 2. There are also some Windows 11-style themes and some bug fixes in this update.

After a long wait, owners of the Surface Duo series will enjoy something new. Unfortunately, still no news about Possible release of Android 13 Does not exist.

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