With the release of Android 12 update for two phones A03s and A02s, it seems that we have to admit that Samsung has followed the update release process better than any other company.

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Russian users now Android 12 update on Galaxy A02s and other countries are expected to receive this update within the next few days.

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Android 12 update for two phones A03s and A02s

The Android 12 update for the A02a comes with firmware number A025FXXU4CVF4 and includes the June 2022 security patch, which fixes more than 60 privacy and security vulnerabilities. Also, the Android 12 update has been released for Serbian Galaxy A03s users, and probably other countries will receive this update soon.

Android 12 update

Android 12 update for Galaxy A03s is also with firmware number A037FXXU1BVFB. This update also fixes more than 60 privacy and security vulnerabilities with the June 2022 security patch.

To get the update, you can install the new update by going to the settings section and selecting software update and clicking on download and install. This update is large, so it is recommended to update using a Wi-Fi network.

This update brings One UI 4.1. The new version comes with a revamped UI design featuring a color palette (based on Google’s Material You design), reshaped widgets, more options for widgets, and more widgets on the lock screen. This version also has a better dark mode, volume and a thicker screen brightness slider. The search function in the update has been improved compared to the previous version.

Android 12 update

Samsung has also improved all the apps on its phone including Samsung Gallery, Samsung Internet and Samsung Keyboard.

Samsung Gallery has improved album sorting, and the built-in image editor offers edit history, the ability to add stickers and gifs to images, and the option to recreate blurry or old images. You can also remove important information such as the date, time and place where the photo was taken from the images and share them with your friends.

The Device Care section of the phone has changed and lists all the phone’s troubleshooting tools. The Samsung Internet browser has received a better user interface and is equipped with a widget to search the web through the home screen of the phone and provides you with an option for secret web browsing in Secret mode.

This should be the last major Android OS update for the Galaxy A02s as it arrived with Android 10 and received the two promised updates (Android 11 and Android 12). However, the Galaxy A03s launched with Android 11 and after receiving this update, it is expected to receive another update next year.

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