most recently The contact of an 8-year-old girl with the space station international He has made news with his father’s regular radio. SpaceX Crew-4 mission commander Kyle Lingren answered the call.

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Isabella Payne, an 8-year-old British girl, was able to use her father’s amateur radio International Space Station Make a call and talk to a NASA astronaut. After saying his name and age, he thanked the astronaut and hung up.

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Contact of an 8-year-old girl with the International Space Station

The recorded images of Isabella after making the call show her joy and happiness and according to her, she has achieved her dream. Isabella’s call with Lingren, a NASA astronaut, lasted 45 seconds.

In response to this lucky girl, the astronaut said: “Welcome to the International Space Station.” International Space Station, please.” In the end, he thanked Isabella Payne for all the enthusiasm and the girl wished him a safe flight.

Contact of an 8-year-old girl with the International Space Station

The father of this lucky girl, Connecting his radio to the space station considered it a chance and said:

There are a certain set of conditions under which you can talk to an astronaut. It requires a little knowledge, but communication is mostly down to your luck.

Isabella has been very interested in space since she was only two years old, and her father said that Isabella used to sit on her father’s leg and listen to the conversations of Wellesley House students with the astronauts on the space station. Lingren, a NASA astronaut, said on his Twitter about this issue:

I use the amateur radio station “ARISSI have used it to talk to other amateur radio stations. But the fact that my audience was an eight-year-old girl really excited me.

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