Aiko announced yesterday that the Aiko 10 series will have the Snapdragon 8 Plus 1st generation chip. This company recently announced the release date of Aiko 10 by releasing an official teaser.

By releasing the following video, Aiko announced that it will officially introduce the Aiko 10 series on July 19. The company had previously said that the iCo 10 series includes a standard version and a pro version, although it has not yet revealed the exact details of the specifications of these phones.

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Teaser announcing the release date of Aiko 10 series

By publishing the following video, Aiko showed a corner of the design of one of the iQOO 10 series phones. In this video, you can see the back panel of the device, the upper part of which is made of a different material and is different from the other parts of the back panel.

Aiko will most likely share more details with its users until the official launch date of these phones.

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