The news indicates that after Apple and Huawei companies, now we have to witness the unveiling of the new series Samsung phones with satellite connection to be

Apple’s iPhone 14 was recently unveiled and Apple along with it, an emergency feature called Satellite connection introduced With the help of this feature, iPhone users can communicate with satellites and if there is no mobile phone signal coverage, Make an emergency call on the phone.

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Huawei also has a similar feature Mate 50 series Self introduced that is exactly for Communicate when necessary gave application Now it looks like Samsung will also bring satellite connectivity to its upcoming flagship phones.

Samsung phones with satellite connection

According to Ricciolo, Samsung may be planning an introduction Satellite connection feature for Galaxy series But it is not clear whether this emergency feature will be available in Samsung’s new flagship series, the Galaxy S23.

After Apple and Huawei;  Samsung phones come with satellite connection

As mentioned, Apple introduced satellite connectivity with the iPhone 14 series. Interestingly, this feature will not be available until November, and for now only in United States And Canada Works. However, there are rumors that Apple plans to offer this feature to other countries in Europe and Asia later this year.

It is worth noting that Huawei introduced this feature first Mate50 series It introduced itself and before Apple. According to this Chinese company, Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro smartphones allow users Send short text messages via China’s BeiDou satellite global network and provides the possibility of communicating in areas without telecommunication signal coverage.

In the case of Apple, the company uses the Globalstar network for Your Emergency SOS feature on iPhone 14 And future iPhones use it. We’re not sure which service Samsung will use, but it probably won’t be Globalstar since Apple currently owns 85% of the satellite’s network capacity.

Note that the satellite connectivity feature is just a rumor and Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed any details yet, but hopefully we’ll hear more about it in the coming days.

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