All businesses and growing businesses need a service that can be upgraded instantly and has high security and efficiency and gives the necessary access and control to the user. Another factor that is very important for users is its cost.

All these things that we mentioned as the needs of every business are the features of a dedicated virtual server, which we intend to address in this article.

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Most developers believe that the use of shared hosting is for personal sites or small businesses and suggest that large businesses and medium-sized businesses that are on the path of growth and development should not use these hosts at all. don’t do Because VPS or dedicated virtual server makes the site perform better and is the best option for businesses that have a lot of important information.

host VPS What is?

VPS or dedicated virtual server is a type of virtual hosting. In fact, it can be considered similar to a parent server that is divided into different sections. Each of these parts are completely independent units and have nothing in common with each other. The customer can have resources such as RAM, CPU, memory and bandwidth exclusively by paying a relatively low fee.

Advantage VPS What is it compared to other hosting services?

VPS has many advantages over shared hosting. Here we are going to examine some of these advantages.

More access and control

One of the disadvantages of a shared virtual server is that the user does not have root access. In such a case, the possibility of customizing the settings will be very low. Since it is not possible to install any program on a shared virtual server, security is also reduced. If your business needs to install certain programs, not using a VPS can lead to many problems.

Increase confidence

If you have used shared hosting, you probably know that the poor performance of one of the customers of this service can have a negative impact on your site. Shared hosting is like living in an apartment. If your neighbor plays loud music at 3 am, your sleep will also be disturbed. In fact, when one of the shared hosting users uses too many resources, your site will also slow down.

One of the advantages of VPS is that it is divided into completely separate containers. A separate operating system will be installed on each of these containers, and this division will not have any effect on other units. In fact, VPS is like a villa house that is placed next to other houses, but it has its own exclusive and unique space.


If you don’t have a plan to develop your business, shared hosting is a good option to meet your needs. But if you are looking for the growth of your business and you predict that after some time your received traffic will increase sharply, it is better to have a dedicated virtual server. A server that can respond to a high volume of requests as quickly as possible. One of the advantages of VPS is that it can be easily upgraded without interrupting your business process. In fact, VPS is a fully scalable system and can be reduced or increased according to your needs.

Low cost

VPS may be more expensive than shared hosting, but the point is that this technology is much cheaper than dedicated servers, and yet it also has the advantages of a dedicated server.

Having dedicated resources

Physically, a server may not be assigned to you independently, but you are the owner of your own resources. In other words, RAM, CPU and other hardware resources will be much more than shared hosting, but what does this mean? This means that you are able to run more programs and handle much higher traffic while you don’t need to pay for a dedicated server.

Greater productivity and improved SEO

By using VPS, you can allocate more resources to your business, and for this reason, it improves the performance of the site. These resources help to load the site at a higher speed, and faster loading will lead to an improvement in the ranking of the site in Google.

Sending bulk emails or backing up data are activities that can slow down a website, but the main purpose of a VPS is to prevent this from happening.

high security

If we want to be honest, shared virtual server (shared hosting) has the least possible security among hosting packages. The structure of this system is such that if a client uses a weak password, the entire server will face the risk of data loss. But on the other hand, VPS does not have any of these problems. A kind of technology in the form of data separation is implemented in VPS, despite which there will be no interference between the performance of customers.

Is VPS right for your business?

Now that we have learned about the various advantages of VPS, it is better to ask yourself if this technology can be suitable for you. Does it meet your business needs? If you think that using VPS can help improve your business situation, visit Abar Arwan website to buy VPS.


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