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How to Add Links on Instagram?

The easiest way to Add Links to Instagram

Instagram with more than 500 million daily active users is one of the most famous social network platforms. this application is released in August 2010 as a photo and video sharing platform and of course the chat section. So, what makes this platform popular? The first and only reason is the population in this application. During the COVID-19 pandemic while most people were restricted to their homes, to avoid the deadly virus people turned physical interaction into social media activities. social media become more involved with human life.

online shopping services, social network platforms, gaming communities are the main topics on the internet. About adding links on Instagram I should say that normally, we can’t add links on Instagram until we complete our 10k followers. In terms to add links on Instagram we get two conditions which we need to complete at list one:

  • First your business account should have over 10,000 followers.
  • Or, you should be verified as a public figure account or an established brand.

We use Instagram in many ways like some use Instagram for entertainment purposes, some use this social network to discover new things, make friends, and be active members of this social network platform. In the last two years, we saw a lot of development on this surface. Social media become more useful in our life like Instagram’s newly launch Instagram shop which helps users buy products directly from the app.

To make your own shop on Instagram click the link below:

1. Add Links on your Instagram Stories and Posts

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform, and stories are the main point in this app.

If we see stories are playing the main role in a social network platform, like we have stories on YouTube these days, like Facebook stories, Snapchat, even in IMO and WhatsApp we can make stories. But the question is that, Why stories? To answer this question, because stories are mostly being used by brand companies and public figures for promotions, news stories, seasonal events, products sales, and giveaways. Instagram stores have a very cool swipe-uplink feature which is going to be placed by sticker link for a better look. with these features you can guide your followers into your youtube channel or website.

For adding links to your stories you need to complete your 10k followers, but completing 10k followers may take some time. So, the point is, why does Instagram impose such restrictions? There are two reasons for such action:

  • The first reason is that Instagram don’t want their users should leave the platform
  • Second, security reason. instagram don’t let every one to add in to ther stores and post to secure accounts from hackers and blackmailers.     

Here is how you can add a link to an Instagram story or post:

Step #1: Open your Instagram app

Step #2: Click the Pluse icon on top to create a post

Add Links on Instagram

Step #3: Upload your photo and video

Step #4: In the Caption, copy and past your link and press share

Add Links on Instagram

2. Add link on Bio

Bio is the description part of our profile page in which we can write anything we want, though this part is for describing our passion that we are following it on Instagram, but no meter you can write anything poem, quote anything. To add a link in an Instagram Bio normally, we get a Website section with our Bio which allows us to have our website or YouTube channel link on it, and of course the Hashtags. We can use hashtags to mention a page or a person, insight the Instagram in our Bio:

Here is how you can add a link to your Bio:

Step #1: Open your Instagram app

Step #2: Go to your profile page and click Edit Profile

Add Links on Instagram

Step #3: Copy and paste the link you want to add and if you want to use hashtags you can do the same

Add Links on Instagram

Remember you can use as many hashtags as you want.

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