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Add an Escape Key to Your iPad External Keyboard

How to Add it ESC Key to iPad Physical Keyboard

Up until now, everyone knows that Apple is the company that creates the best product ever on the market. Even though their products are a bit expensive compared to other companies, still it is worth it to buy and use them. This time apple created a smart keyboard folio and magic keyboard, specifically for iPad users to make typing easy. However, during typing, many users are noticing that both of these products are missing the escape key. PC users are accustomed to the escape key, so in this article, you are going to find out how to Add an Escape Key to Your iPad External Keyboard.

Apple products have the same QWERTY designs and they can be used as a peripherals device especially for the PC. A Keyboard can also increase your productivity, but if it is missing a key, it will take effect on productivity. It is very clear that most of the programs and software recognize the Escape key.

It is also very good news that the iOS 15 allows users to redefine existing keyboards on the physical keyboard. It means one of the following keys can be redefined as a Command on the physical keyboard to replace the Escape key.

  • Caps Lock
  • Options
  • Globe
  • Command
  • Control

Redefine keys on External Keyboard

I am assuming that you want to redefine or reassign another key on the physical keyboard. To do it follow the below steps.

  1. Tap on the settings> General.
  2. Under General options choose the Keyboard option> then tap on the Hardware Keyboard.
  3. Choose modifier keys and after the a list will appear.
  4. Choose the key that you want to replace it with the Escape key. (Redefine the key to Escape key.)

Click on the images to zoom.

After you change the key, now it is going to work as the Escape key.

Note: Even though Apple has not added the escape key on the keyboard, still the shortcut of the escape key is available (Command + . ). And whenever you press that shortcut key the programs that are accepting the escape key will accept it and in some cases, it is going to exit the program.

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