In its latest action, Tapsi has unveiled its new credit payment service. With Activation of Tapsi credit service The user can buy up to 400 thousand tomans.

With the activation of Tapsi service, each user can use Tapsi services up to 400 thousand tomans and pay the service fee at the end of the month. In the following, according to the user’s consumption and also his good judgment regarding account settlement, it is possible to increase the user’s credit limit.

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Activation of Tapsi credit service

With the addition of this service, on the one hand Ease of use by users of Tapsi services will increase and on the other hand, due to the presence of charging in the application and the desire of people to use the existing credit, user loyalty and the amount of service usage will also increase and accordingly new users will be attracted through this service.

At this stage, the possibility of using “credit payment” will be available to some users and gradually it will be available to a larger number of users. Credit payment service It is one of the most modern services in the field of payment and allows users to make their purchases without having to pay money on the spot.

Activation of Tapsi credit service

Tapsi has announced that users can use this service without providing a guarantee, introducing a guarantor and paying a fee. With activation Tapsi credit payment service (Tapsipi) credit is considered as 400 thousand tomans by default.

Tapsi has announced on its website that this amount will gradually increase in the future in case of repayment and debt settlement. If users Tapsi credit payment bill If they do not pay on time, they will no longer be able to use the credit payment service, and they must pay a 5% late fee for each month of delay. It is stated in the Tapsi report that due to the integrity of the credit and banking system, failure to repay and settle the credit will cause problems in the bank credit and receiving credit facilities and services in the future.

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