The claims of the Ministry of Communications did not last 24 hours VPN access In general, it has been cut off in Iran.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Communications did not remove the international internet restrictions in Iran Permanent filtering of Instagram and WhatsApp informed. But at the same time, VPN access has become completely impossible in the country. This caused, according to international reports, the search domain of Iranian users for Download VPN A historical record and 3000 percent increase to register

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VPN access

The access to VPN and anti-filter has been cut off in the country since 20:00 last night. This happened right when the Minister of Communications from Removing international internet restrictions in Iran Apart from fixing Instagram and WhatsApp filtering, he had announced.

After filtering more than 20 foreign messengers, social networks and even some mobile games in the country, this filtering reached its peak in the past month. Because it is no longer possible to access the VPN. This is despite the fact that the Ministry of Communications had talked about removing restrictions on the international internet, except for two social networks, Instagram and WhatsApp.

VPN access

Blocking popular platforms in Iran It caused a historical record of Iranian users in the amount of searching and receiving VPN tools. This record was obtained according to international reports, which shows a number equal to 3000 percent.

The continuation of this process is not clear, and the officials’ idea that the National Information Network is working and Iranian software services without the slightest disruption is a dangerous idea. Because many companies and startup hubs active in the country need advanced tools to continue their services and software development, which are currently unavailable due to sanctions and restrictions.

The trend of blocking and accessing VPN or other IP-changing tools further jeopardizes the future of these businesses. According to trade union reports, these businesses lose between 50 and 500 million tomans daily.

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