It seems that after the problem of buying a car, which many cannot afford, now Significant increase in the price of motorcycles People can no longer afford to buy a motorcycle!

A member of the motorcycle association said now in an interview with Khabar Online The price of a motorcycle is between 50 and 400 million tomans and this rate means that motorcycles are among the luxury goods.

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Significant increase in the price of motorcycles

Abolfazl Hejazi said: “The production of motorcycles has been booming since the car became more expensive, and this has increased the variety of production of this product compared to the past. This increase in demand has also increased the price, so that now the price of motorcycles is from 50 to 400 million tomans. Is; This increase in price made this product considered as a luxury product.

He said:

In the past, the price of motorcycles produced in Iran was between 3 and 5 million tomans, that’s why it was not considered a capital goods, but now it is considered a luxury goods. Now the way of using a motorcycle has changed compared to the past and the culture of using it has become established among people.

A significant increase in the price of motorcycles;  People can't even afford to buy a motorcycle!

Hijazi continued: “15 factories are now producing motorcycles in the country, which has increased employment in the motorcycle industry.”

A member of the Iranian Motorcycle Association stated that 120,000 motorcycles have been numbered since the beginning of this year and said: “Currently, there are about 70,000 motorcycles in the warehouse of motorcycle manufacturers, and the reason for this is the arrival of the cold season, of course, with the arrival of Bahman and the welcome of spring, they will be resold.” increase”.

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