Some news and revelations indicate A significant improvement on the Tensor G2 chip It is in the CPU and GPU section and this means that we are dealing with a powerful flagship chip.

Google recently announced that the new Pixel 7 series, which will be unveiled in October, is equipped with Tensor chip G2 they will be. One of the whistleblowers on Twitter says that Google has used the code name GS201 for this chip, and this has led to the disclosure of information about this device, which was previously said to be equipped with Cortex-A55 cores.

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A significant improvement on the Tensor G2 chip

It seems that a person who had access to a copy of the Pixel 7 Pro a few days ago has registered the benchmark of this product on Geekbench, and this has caused more details to be revealed about this Google flagship. It seems that Second generation tensor chip Like the first generation, it uses two Cortex-X1 cores, two Cortex-A76 cores and four Cortex-A55 cores.

It seems that Google has also improved the frequency of the cores of this processor. It is specifically said that the frequency of the A76 cores has increased by nearly 100 MHz and has reached 2.35 GHz. The frequency of Cortex-X1 cores has also increased by 50 MHz to 2.85 GHz. At the same time, four Cortex-A55 cores have a frequency of 1.85 GHz.

A significant improvement of the Tensor G2 chip compared to the previous generation

Tensor G2 chip It is made with 4 nm lithography, and the improvements applied in the processing frequency and lithography have caused it to improve multi-core performance by about 10% compared to its first generation. It should be said that the improvement of single-core performance is not very impressive.

At first glance, this situation may lead to the discouragement of Google fans, but probably Google has made a logical decision because most chip makers strengthen ARM cores from generation to generation. This issue leads to Decreased productivity And Increased energy consumption will be Google is going to avoid these problems by keeping old cores in new chips.

Thanks to the use of Improved A55 cores The tensor chip will probably have more headroom to achieve higher frequencies. The first generation of tensor chip due to high consumption Cortex-X1 He rarely used this kernel; But this situation will probably change in the second generation.

But performance Tensor J2 How does it compare to competitors? If we pay attention to the raw power of the CPU, we will notice the poor performance of this chip compared to the competitors. Of course, you should be careful that these days the raw power of the CPU is not the only determining factor in the final performance. Cooling system and software optimizations, among other things, can affect the performance and final score of the chip.

While the CPU unit looks unchanged, the GPU unit has improved significantly. Google in the new generation of tensor family chips instead of using Mali-G78 from the graphics unit Mali-G710 Has used.

At the time of introducing this new unit, Arm announced that its progress compared to Mali-G78 It provides nearly 20% performance improvement and 20% reduction in energy consumption. Also, this new GPU appears up to 35% more powerful in machine learning-based processing.

This means that the Pixel 7 is likely to make good progress in the gaming sector. In addition, let’s not forget that Pixel phones are largely dependent on the graphics processor in the field of photography.

Another part of the leaked information also refers to improving the performance of the image signal processor (ISP). The second generation Tensor chip will be equipped with a new modem named Samsung S5300.

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