To review the new work of Jacques Audiard ie Film District 13, Paris We will explain that it failed at the Cannes Festival; Is it a bad movie? What is worth seeing?

Some critics believe that the former winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival has not been able to tie the “content-form” couple well in the fabric of his work, and the film, despite being full of energy, has gone to waste, in my opinion, contrary to their opinions, it is far behind. Highlighting and de-familiarizing the stereotyped relationships of comic books and brings a thought-provoking work to the eyes of its audience.

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3-line film of District 13, Paris

The question may arise, what is the story of the movie? The story of the film is about the relationships of four friends who went from love to friendship to hatred. Actually Film District 13, Paris It has been adapted into a movie from the series of comic stories “Murder and Death” by French cartoonist Adrien Thomin.

Movie District 13, Paris

Despite the fact that the film stutters in storytelling and sometimes the inhomogeneity of its parts seems disappointing, but you can sit for 106 minutes and be immersed in the world of the story, and this is what Odiar is successful in!

So why should we see the movie District 13, Paris?

All I want to say revolves around this combination: Homogeneous bonding! Well, let’s move on to what it has to do with Odiyar’s new movie!… Wait a minute! Paste/collage!

In the visual arts, the technique of collage is called a technique that combines disparate raw materials to create the foundation of an artwork from the heart of this synthesis; But well, most of the time the texture of these artistic effects is heterogeneous, just like patchwork of clothes, pieces from each other that look like they are glued together, you know?

But the gluing of filmic-Odiar is homogeneous; Khordeh is an interwoven narrative that tells the story of its characters in different ways. In the first encounter with movie title We make guesses about the authorized industry as a whole! How? An area of ​​Paris could be a reflection of French society, eh? Well, we keep this assumption for ourselves to be violated or confirmed.

It is the beginning of everything!

At the beginning of the film, you will see concrete apartments, where one person watches, another person is immersed in everyday life, and another person is intoxicated with the joy of flirting. It is as if the film is a sum of opposites, and these opposites create a dynamism that, while being dramatic, is a sign of humanity, of its shortcomings and hopes!

The interesting thing is that all these people are members of the same neighborhood and region; But you will tell yourself, well, which story does the director want to tell us?

what are you waiting for Go and watch the vibrancy and human relations from the director’s point of view to see; Emily, Kamil, Nora and Amber, who are from different races, classes, genders and tendencies, how do they deal with social interactions, and see again how humans wander in the cycles of their habits; Repeats! So understand, then interpret, and then criticize.

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If you have sat down to watch the movie or will sit down, what is your opinion about Film District 13, Paris what were? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section Cinema news from duplicate follow.

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