New wave of unemployment with internet outages And recent restrictions have caused serious concern to economic activists as well as more than 350 thousand online business owners.

During the past few years, the employment and unemployment situation as well as the economic situation have caused concerns and challenges for the people of the country. Now due to the new wave of unemployment with the internet outage and Shutdown of online businesses During the past weeks, the statistics of unemployment increase in the country are more visible than ever before.

In this regard, experts also believe that cutting the Internet and imposing restrictions on the Internet will cause a significant drop in the country’s economic growth. In fact, it can be said that with the increase in unemployment in the country, there is a simultaneous drop in demand and also a decrease in production.

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The new wave of unemployment will cause serious damage to the country’s economy with the internet outage

Hamid Haj Ismaili, an expert in the field of labor, has stated in this regard: “Perhaps in some cases, the unemployment rate is not very high in the country, but this is not a sign of the favorable state of business and economic development, but an indication of the insufficient growth of the country’s active population.”

He also stated:

After a relatively long period, the corona restrictions in the country were lifted and the expectation for the return of prosperity to businesses, especially in the service sector, was raised, but unfortunately, these days, due to the application of filtering and internet outages, many concerns have been created in this sector. This situation caused the loss of many jobs and increased unemployment.

New wave of unemployment with internet outages

He clarified: “The Ministry of Labor cannot claim that the employment rate has increased based on job creation programs; Because part of the restoration of jobs is related to the removal of corona restrictions in the service sector, and this issue caused the return of prosperity to the tourism, transportation sectors and increased transactions in the context of the economy. He is also in relation to Lack of growth of the active population compared to the population of the country said:

The Statistics Center of Iran considers people who have economic participation or are looking for work as part of the active population, while the names of many people such as women, whose status has undergone extensive changes due to social and economic changes in the past years, are not recorded.

He stated: “In case of social phenomena, such as raising the working age, increasing the number of divorces or economic problems, women are among the serious job seekers in the country.”

He also stated:

The unemployment rate is very high, especially among young graduates and women. For some time, the trustees and those in power in the country have been announcing the creation of new jobs and transformation in the country’s employment sector, and they always emphasize on supporting new jobs; But contrary to this idea and the plan of employment development in the country, today we are witnessing the interruption of the internet and filtering of virtual networks by the government.

This labor expert said regarding the new wave of unemployment due to the internet shutdown: “Definitely, the lack of internet has hampered many online activities and businesses in the country to the extent that according to estimates, only in the last one month, exactly after the shutdown The internet and the filtering of some virtual networks have closed about 350,000 online jobs.

This labor activist said:

The Ministry of Labor and Cooperation of the country is without a minister and this has caused the most damage to businesses. Currently, neither the Ministry of Labor nor the Ministry of Communications is responsible for why and how to compensate for the damage caused by the internet outage.

According to him New wave of unemployment with internet outages He said: “According to the new approach of economic activities in the world, one of the good opportunities for employment growth is to use the Internet platform and virtual space”.

He also stated:

Many jobs have been created in virtual space, and this has reduced costs and increased productivity in these sectors, and the most important thing is that with the interests of young people, new jobs will be created in this space.

He stated: “Regarding the speed of job creation in cyberspace, instead of preparing infrastructure, restrictions on removing networks and the Internet from service have increased, which has caused a lot of damage to small, medium and even large businesses and closures. It brought businesses.”

In the end, he said that with the continued interruption of the Internet and Filtering virtual networks Many jobs were closed, and as a result, the new wave of unemployment with the internet outage can be seen as the result of the government’s policy.

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