Due to the declaration of crime by the headquarters of the Public Prosecution Service against the Domino’s ice cream company, a new problem has arisen for Domino’s promotion.

With the release of two controversial advertising videos by Domino’s company, the Office of Public Prohibition and Prohibition of Prohibition has declared a crime against this company. The release of the controversial Domino’s advertisement video previously caused a lot of trouble and was followed by contradictory reactions in the cyberspace.

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A new problem for Domino’s promotion

According to Sadegh Menesh, Director General of Legal Affairs and General Affairs of the General Staff, by publishing a promotional film against public modesty and contrary to public rights by the mentioned company, instead of pursuing the case judicially, the General Staff invited Domino’s CEO for Talking and hinting language was enough. The CEO was also committed to compensate for the mistake and not to repeat such a mistake on the part of the reporting unit. Sadegh Menesh said in part of his speech:

Due to the repetition of this process contrary to the previous commitment of the CEO of Domino Company, the headquarters was forced to pursue the matter through the judicial authority in order to prevent the repetition of such behaviors in addition to compensating part of the damages caused to public modesty and public rights.

The general legal director of the headquarters continued to say:

According to the responsibility of the Public Law Deputy of the Attorney General of the country to follow up on such cases, the headquarters reflected the matter to the said deputy and demanded the prosecution and deterrent punishment against the said company, and the director general of the follow-up of cultural and social affairs and moral security of the said deputy. , based on Article 22 of the Law of Criminal Procedure and Article 2 of the Guidelines for Monitoring and Pursuing Public Rights, the headquarters sent a complaint to the Public Prosecutor and the Revolution of Tehran for the criminal prosecution of that company.

A new problem for Domino's promotion;  The headquarters of Amr Be Marouf demanded the declaration of a crime against Domino

In this regard, Mohammad Mehdi Haji Mohammadi, Director General of Cultural and Social Affairs, Human Security and Health, in a letter he sent to Tehran’s public and revolutionary prosecutor, requested to follow up on the issue and declare a crime against Domino company. The text of this letter is as follows:

Attached to the image of the letter number 1245/2 dated 03/31/1401, the honorable deputy head and secretary of the headquarters of the country’s command for good and forbidding evil, as the legal institution in charge of this area, regarding the production and re-release of propaganda films that violate religious and moral norms by Domino company managers are sent.

It is appropriate, in the implementation of Article 22 of the Law of Criminal Procedure, Article 2 of the Guidelines for Monitoring and Pursuing Public Rights and the Duties of the Prosecutor’s Office in Protecting Iranian Islamic Culture and Identity and Islamic Religious Beliefs, to send the results of previous judicial actions regarding the aforementioned violations. Investigate the matter urgently and take the necessary legal action.

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What is your opinion regarding the creation of a new problem for the promotion of Domino due to the declaration of a crime by the Publicity Headquarters against this company?

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