After gaining a large share of the movie market, this time Marvel enters the world of video games. New Marvel World game Developed by Electronic Arts.

Play Marvel’s Spider-Man It was the beginning of Marvel’s longstanding pursuit of an influential presence in the video game industry. Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are other games offered by Marvel.

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Marvel fans are waiting for the game to be released Marvel’s Wolverine They are from Insomniac Studio. This game seems to have achieved a lot of success. But Marvel’s story does not end with the release of this game, and other games are planned for the future.

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The new Marvel World game is made by Electronic Arts

Marvel’s new game development claim has been released from an unofficial source; However, the fans are excited. Nick Shapshal, who broke the exciting news in the latest episode of the Xbox Era podcast, is one of the most well-known insiders. According to Shapshal, Marvel’s new game is being developed by Electronic Arts. But there is still no mention of the studio that made this game.

A new Marvel World game is being made by Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts

By examining the activities of game development studios, one can reach possible conclusions in this regard:

  • Dice is developing Battlefield games, and EA has confirmed that there are currently no plans to disrupt the team’s focus on Battlefield games.
  • Bioware is working on the new Dragon Age and Mass Effect game.
  • Rispawn Studios seems like a good option, but it is working on three new games from the Star Wars series.
  • EA Motive could be another option for this project. The members of this group are also working on the Dead Space remake project, and in addition, they are building another open world game. The Dead Space remake is set to be released in early 2023; Therefore, it can be said that the EA Motive project is completed ahead of other EA studios.

Of course, Electronic Arts also has other studios in its sub-category that may be considered for this project. Some fans, comparing Anthem to Iron Man, have speculated that an Iron Man-themed game might be made. Of course, this news has not been confirmed or denied by a reliable source.

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