After months of trying, a member of the Xbox Game Pass community has released a list of Game Pass games. The Xbox Game Pass service includes hundreds of games on PC and Xbox consoles, and searching through the endless list of games can be challenging.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of a Reddit user, the entire catalog of Game Pass games has been compiled into a single Google Sheets sheet, making it super easy to browse through the various categories.

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Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription service that hosts a significant number of titles playable on PC and Xbox. Since Xbox Game Pass launched in 2017, its catalog of games has grown day by day and now includes hundreds of titles to enjoy. Instead of paying $60 for the latest AAA titles, Game Pass users pay a monthly subscription to the service to access a huge library of unlimited games. Xbox Game Pass also includes EA Play service; A similar service operated by EA and includes thousands of AAA titles. This business model for paying the subscription fee for a service like Game Pass has been very successful, because many gamers can save hundreds of dollars by subscribing to this service and from the list of Game Pass games that is growing every day. to use

Publish a list of all Game Pass games

Since Game Pass games include exclusive titles for PC and Xbox consoles, there was a need for a detailed categorization to be able to easily search through this large catalog.

A list of Game Pass games has been released with all the details

In an admirable effort to get the word out, user and administrator of the Xbox Game Pass community on Reddit, ABattleVet, has put together a detailed list of Game Pass games that can be viewed online via Google Sheets. The list is color-coded and includes a number of categories such as release date, Metacritic score, platform, and genre. The list also has a tab for the EA Play service’s free games catalog, where both existing and removed titles can be found.

Along these lines, a similar list has been created by Reddit user RagnarLorth, which catalogs both the NA and EU versions of free PlayStation Now games. Similar to the Xbox Game Pass list, this tab’s main list shows a color-coded list of free games exclusive to the PlayStation service.

Also, the release date, system and rating on Metacritic are also mentioned for each game. The interesting thing to note is that the color codes make it easy to see the Metacritic score of a title at a glance. There are 834 games on the PlayStation Now main list, and over 1,100 titles listed on the Game Pass main list.

Today, PC and console gamers spend less than they did in years past with free games released every week on the Epic Games Store and hundreds of other titles available through affordable subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now. The past can be fun. As game sharing services continue to fight for the attention of players, their catalog of games is expected to increase in the future.

To access the complete list of Game Pass games, click on the link below.

Game Pass Master List

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