Alter has come up A competitor to Tik Tok be With this purchase, Google intends to build a comprehensive and functional platform to compete with Tiktok, which has millions of active users.

Google Company Alter Put that in context Formation of virtual identity Works to buy up A competitor for TIC Tac to make Google this company with the amount 100 million dollars added to its extensive subcategories. The headquarters of this startup is located in the United States and the Czech Republic.

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Alter is a competitor to Tik Tok

This company, which works in the field of virtual identity formation for companies and manufacturers, has signed a contract worth 100 million dollars to Subcategory of Google added. According to the announcement TechCrunch websiteThis decision of Google has been implemented in line with the company’s efforts to improve its content and compete better with Tik Tok.

A competitor to Tik Tok

None of the two companies have announced any details about this contract yet. However, some managers of Allter, their profiles on LinkedIn social network updated and stopped joining Google they informed This startup, which is headquartered in America and the Czech Republic Located, his work under the title Facemoji started. A platform that allowed game and application developers to integrate avatar systems into their products.

Alter startup To start his work, about 3 million dollars of initial capital from investors such as Play Venture, Roosh Ventures and Twitter Received. Over time, this startup changed its name from Facemoji to Alter Changed. How Google intends to use this group and Alter’s technology to strengthen itself and compete with TikTok is not clear.

Youtube Shorts One of the services that this company can use is Alter to improve its performance. Youtube Shorts It launched in the summer of 2021, and Google announced last June that about 1.5 million monthly active users use the platform.

This deal was done about two months ago, but Google officially announced it today.

Jonathan Slimek (Jonathan Slimak), Co-founder of Alterrecently in LinkedIn account He announced that this company is currently designing avatars for Google. However, it is not yet clear exactly how the startup will approach Google as A competitor to Tik Tok will help.

By buying Alter, Google is trying to compete with Tik Tok, as it did last summer YouTube shorts service (YouTube Shorts) had been introduced. The service has been very successful so far and Google recently confirmed that it has 1.5 million monthly active users.

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