The campaign to protest against internet disruptions in Iran has been created since July 27 on the campaign site with the aim of protesting against global internet disruptions in recent times.

Internet campaign to protest against Internet disruptions with the official name “Practical protest against widespread Internet disruptions” was formed on the campaign site on July 27, 1401 to protest against the low quality and speed of the Internet, as well as the protection plan.

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Widespread internet disruptions and public concerns about the possibility of launching a protection plan are among the most important reasons for launching this campaign.

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Campaign to protest against internet disruptions in Iran

In the text of this campaign, emphasizing the necessity of collecting documents that show the intentional low quality of the Internet, it is announced that:

In order to pursue our rights, we need to collect documents that show the poor quality of Internet service and major communication disruptions, especially with foreign services.

Campaign to protest against internet disruptions in Iran

The protest statement referred to the internet speed tests carried out by the officials and asked the participants in the campaign to continuously register the disturbances in the 195 system, and the campaign documents are to be published with the hashtag #report_disorder.

In recent days, internet disruptions have also caused problems and concerns for many businesses, raising the possibility of implementing a protection plan without prior notice. Internet access has also been denied to many users at a reasonable speed, but the Ministry of Communications has not yet provided a clear answer or explanation.

Accordingly, in this campaign, people and individuals have been asked to register their complaints about internet speed by referring to the 195 system at, and by entering their mobile number, national code and captcha code, ‌ approve the request. کردن.

This is in the context that the Minister of Communications of the 13th government had promised to increase the internet speed in May and even said that the current internet speed is not in the dignity of the Iranian people. At the same time, he relied on Speedtest statistics, claiming that since his inception, mobile internet speeds have increased by 15 percent and home internet speeds by 10 percent.

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