A periodic event for the people of the startup ecosystem under the title “Breakfast with the taste of business” on Friday, September 11, 1401 by yesnatim At Mana Innovation Center And it was held with the support of this center.

Irfan Andoroni, the secretary of the event, said about the plans of this event: “This is the second breakfast event this year, and we plan to hold two more seasonal events by the end of the year. The purpose of holding these events is to introduce the services of Yesnatim, a knowledge-based company, to the startup ecosystem and special networking.

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A breakfast with a business flavor

At first, Mehrin Nazari, as the host of the ceremony, started the event and gave explanations about the game. These games were designed in line with the concepts of team building and solving business challenges with creative solutions that shaped the networking process in a different way during breakfast. He said about the generality of this game:

“Envelopes contain a common challenge in business that each team must reach the right solution with the consensus of its members.”

A breakfast with a business flavor

After breakfast and networking, the guests made creative presentations for their team and expressed their proposed solutions in critical business conditions. Finally, the best teams were introduced and encouraged.

After the end of the game, the speech of the guests and their experiences began. The first lecture was dedicated to Parsa Kakui, the content manager of Edavis, with the title “From brief to content output”.

In his talks, he mentioned businesses that are facing the challenge of not having a digital marketing team and need outsourcing to carry out their projects. He said this about the challenges of team building:

“Hiring expert staff, insuring people, workload, keeping expert staff are among the common challenges in team building”.

A breakfast with a business flavor

Regarding the challenges of working with advertising agencies, Parsa Kakui added: “Transfer of information and trust, unbiased reporting, cost, speed of implementation, speed of changes and support are the challenges of working with agencies.”

After that, the content manager of Edavis asked the guests this question: “How can we minimize these challenges?”.

He also said about the common question of advertising agencies among all the skills: “What is your goal to ask businesses?”

Who is your contact?

What distribution channel are you considering? What red lines does your organization have?

What are the keywords of your ad?

How do you know if we are successful or not?

What budget did you consider? It is one of the things that agencies need to know to implement your campaign.

At the end of his speech, he mentioned that the teams that answer these questions correctly will manage time better and have a favorable output.

A breakfast with a business flavor

In the continuation of the link, Azadi talked about his experiences in the field of sales as the digital marketing manager of Jet Seo. At the beginning, he referred to a quote by Jeff Bezos and said, “A brand is to a company what a reputation is to a person.” He also explained:

Digital branding is not necessarily sales, and you have a unique feeling for each brand.

“The first step is to have your own strategy and to know the persona of your audience,” Azadi link said about branding and its importance.

He also expressed his experiences in Newsbox and the different strategy models he used in it. He talked about the high impact of email marketing and social media activity for b2b businesses.

After that, Hadi Rezaei, the owner of Yesnatime, gave a speech about the video content production product called “Collect”. He said:

“You can run different ads and campaigns with Cloakt, and it’s a platform where you can provide any type of video service.”

A breakfast with a business flavor

Hadi Rezaei continued: “We used the experiences of many people in Kalakat and we make various products. You can also subscribe and publish your content through us on various platforms such as Isminar, Aparat, etc.”

Another sponsor of this event is Danesh Banyan Dipoint Bode, which is the first knowledge-based company in the field of household appliances and an innovation and acceleration center in order to increase the depth of internal manufacturing and localization of advanced parts. As a sponsor of this event, Shams Cafe hosted the breakfast and Taqcheh Startup also supported this event by giving prizes.

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