Domestic car manufacturers finally gave up their old cars. Therefore, from next year 9 new cars It will be added to the production line of car manufacturers.

9 new cars will be added to the production line of car manufacturers. The director general of automotive industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade announced: “Based on the organization of product development in the country’s automobile industry in terms of platform and product development, starting next year, 9 new domestic cars will be added to the production of domestic car manufacturers.”

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9 new domestic cars

Abdullah Tawakuli Lahijani stated that one of the main problems of the country’s automobile industry has been the lack of attention to the knowledge-based industry in the past years.

If we want to provide a translation of the knowledge base in this industry, dealing with the design and development of local products and infrastructure (platforms) can be considered as the missing link of this industry in the country.

He continued: “Accordingly, in the second step of transformational programs, efforts were made to consider the lack of high-quality infrastructure in the country’s automobile industry, whose intellectual property is owned by domestic automobile manufacturers.”

9 new cars

Tavakli added:

In September of this year, the automobile industry transformation exhibition was held with the participation of local knowledge-based companies, relying on the two concepts of local infrastructure and synergy in the automobile industry, during which the future road map of the automobile industry, relying on local quality infrastructure, was exhibited along with product samples. ; In the meantime, focusing on four key infrastructures to achieve high-quality products with economic scale of production was considered.

This government official did not mention: “Therefore, in the second step, the platform of the country’s car industry to transition from current products to quality products whose production initiative is in the hands of domestic knowledge-based companies has been started, and now by the Deputy of Transport of the Ministry of Mining Industry And the business is monitored on a weekly basis.”

Tavakli Lahijani added:

In this program, one of the most important concerns of the customers in the country’s automobile industry, which is the acquisition of a high-quality economic product with an up-to-date executive mechanism, is taken into account, and now the design and development stages of this platform are being implemented by two car manufacturers of the country.

He said: “In the economic product in question, which was designed by Iranian engineers in a domestic knowledge-based company, a car with a fuel consumption of less than five liters per hundred kilometers has been designed, and of course, in this family, a cheap electric car product is also being designed and “Development in another internal knowledge-based company.”

List of 9 new cars introduced by car manufacturers

In the coming year, we will see the following cars:

1- The first variant of the Saipa economic car based on the joint economic car platform of Saipa and Iran Khodro

2- Ray Ra car (Iran Khodro exclusive platform crossover)

3- Pars Khodro p90 exclusive car based on the updated L90 platform and completely indigenous parts

4- Aria automatic car (based on Saipa’s exclusive mega platform)

5- TF21 car based on the updated Iran Khodro platform

6- Atlas car based on the updated Saipa X200 platform

7- Sahand car based on the updated Saipa X200 platform

8- Arisan 3 van that conforms to the standards of Iran Khodro Company

9- Dedicated van of Saipa Group in accordance with the standards and facelifts of current products (models of the year) in order to improve the standards.

9 new cars

This official of the ministry is silent List of 9 cars New car manufacturers said:

In 1401, various types will be released on the joint economic platform of Saipa and Iran Khodro, including the electric version, as well as two hatchback and SUV products on the sp0 platform.

319% growth in the production of complete cars until the end of October

The Director General of Automobile Industries of the Ministry of Security announced: “626,452 cars were produced in the country in the first seven months of this year, which shows a 12% increase compared to the same period last year (incomplete and complete car production), however, comparing the production of complete cars It represents a growth of 319 percent.”

He continued:

Also, today the production of defective cars in the two largest car manufacturers of the country has reached zero and the delivery of cars to customers has increased by 30%.

He reminded: “Until the end of October this year, 234,000 complete cars were produced in Iran Khodro and 233,000 complete cars in Saipa. Last year, these figures were 21,000 and 91,000 respectively.”

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