The country’s customs is aware of 50% decrease in the import of phones to the country Data that seems to be a calculation error in this statistic.

The statistics of the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the import of mobile phones into the country in the first six months of the year indicate that Import phone Compared to the same period last year, it has decreased by fifty percent. But what is wrong with this statistic?

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50% decrease in the import of phones to the country

According to the new report of the customs which was published on the official website of this organization with the title “Foreign trade of the country exceeded 50 billion dollars”, it was announced that the amount of mobile phone imports in the first six months of this year was 867 million dollars. It is that the import of these products last year, without taking into account the passenger import procedure, had an approximate value of 1.8 billion dollars, and for this reason, this product in 1400 The top of imported items had taken place Currently, according to customs statistics, mobile phones are in the fifth position of imported items to the country.

This decrease in phone imports has been confirmed by trade union officials and the Mobile Importers Association. However, Mehr News Agency claims that this statistic is strange and according to the field investigations conducted by this state news media, Iran’s mobile market is not currently facing any severe shortage in supply!

50% decrease in the import of phones to the country;  Customs miscalculation!

Mehr quoted some experts in this field and wrote that Customs miscalculation This is because the customs defined a new tariff code for smartphones from May 1401 due to global changes, but since many importers had registered orders with the old tariff code before this date, the old code is also active. Remained.

Based on this, there is a possibility that the customs in the announcement Detailed statistics of phone imports to the country in the first 6 months of 1401, mistakenly considering only one of the tariff codes. Of course, the occurrence of such an event should be very unlikely, but checking the details of the import statistics on the website of this organization has strengthened the possibility of this happening.

In other words, before the beginning of 1401, the tariff code 85171210 was active in the customs for the import of mobile phones, and the official statistics about the amount of mobile phones imported into the country were calculated through this tariff code, but from the middle of May this year, the new tariff code 85171390 was considered for the import of the phone.

Now, by examining the details of the import of goods into the country in the six months of 1401, it is clear that more than 866 million dollars were recorded for the amount of goods imported with the old tariff code (85171210), but surprisingly, there was no amount at all for the import of goods with the tariff code (85171390). not registered; This is despite the fact that many importers have imported with the new tariff code and have cleared their goods in the same period, not including this category of their goods imports alone is proof of the miscalculation of customs in announcing the statistics of mobile phone imports.

With this account and if the amount of phone imports with the new tariff code is taken into account, it is unlikely that the discussed difference will be reduced and once again mobile phones will be at the top of the country’s imported items.

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