The 50% reduction in the sales of companies became challenging according to Nasr’s manager. The enormous damage caused by filtering to the country’s economy.

50% reduction in sales of companies In the wake of FYelting and internet outage It happened in the country. This caused the people’s trust in these companies to decrease significantly. With the announcement of the trade union secretary, some businesses have announced that they have had more than 50 million tomans daily losses due to internet filtering.

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50% decrease in sales of companies as a result of internet outage

Alireza Keshavarz Jamshidian, the secretary of this organization, wrote in a note:

“According to a survey conducted by Nasr Tehran, 48 percent of companies announced that they had more than a 50 percent decrease in sales.”

50% reduction in sales of companies
50% reduction in sales of companies

According to Keshavarz Jamshidian, what we saw during this time was that there was access to the Internet through some operators and this possibility was not available through others such as cell phone operators. On the other hand, we were also faced with restrictions from fixed internet providers such as Telecom, Shuttle, Asiatec, etc. It is understandable that some officials say that the internet outage is not the right word for what happened.

The secretary of the subsidized trade union organization of Tehran province said:

The presented statistics are based on a questionnaire that was answered by 104 Nasr Tehran member companies from October 7th to October 10th. In fact, if we crunch the numbers, half of the companies we surveyed lost half of their sales.

Keshavarz Jamshidian continued his explanations about the companies’ losses and wrote: “Another point is that about half of our businesses announced that they had a daily loss of over 50 million tomans, which was caused by a decrease in sales. About one-fifth declared that they suffered between 100 million and 500 million.”

50% reduction in sales of companies
50% reduction in sales of companies

In the continuation of his explanations, he emphasized that less than one tenth of the companies said that they have suffered from these restrictions in the amount of half a billion tomans.

Multiply these numbers by the number of companies in this ecosystem to understand the size of the companies’ losses.

This part of his note focuses solely on the direct damage that businesses experienced, focused and in another part, the farmer has investigated the indirect losses of businesses.

In another part of his explanation in this note, Secretary Nasr of Tehran examined indirect damages Internet outage He paid and wrote: “Indirect damages have been lost in the form of public trust. I don’t know if it is compensable at all and if it is compensable, how long it will take to restore people’s trust. An investor, a domestic manufacturer, a software developer or businessmen are affected by this situation.

In the same section, he mentioned the difficult business fundraising and wrote:

Consider a business owner who has had the misfortune of attracting capital from neighboring countries such as Turkey and Dubai. When the investor does not have even the simplest tool to communicate with the domestic producer and cannot communicate, he is afraid. He says that my product should be sold based on the Internet, and when Iran’s Internet is down, how can I hand over my capital to the Iranian producer? These things exist and I don’t know how they should be measured.

50% reduction in sales of companies
50% reduction in sales of companies

He is also about Complete internet outage He wrote: “Yes, maybe we haven’t had a complete shutdown, but the situation that happened created a situation where businesses were in trouble. Although Internet outage It did not happen completely, but at certain hours and places, the user cannot connect to the Internet through his mobile phone. Therefore, we do not mean the damages of this time period only, based on the complete interruption of the Internet, but we mean the limitation.”

The farmer also wrote:

In addition to interruptions and restrictions, we also faced filtering. We may not have internet outages these days, but the limitation is created through filtering. For example, WhatsApp and Instagram messengers that are filtered, the possibility of accessing them is lost. In the meantime, people who had a home business on the platform of Instagram face a problem because these applications are filtered; Because access to them has been cut off. Note that the internet is not disconnected here; But the buyer’s access to that product and manufacturer has been lost.

Referring to platforms that are not filtered, he wrote: “Some people say; All platforms and applications that are not filtered; such as Hetifan, Netberg, etc., but don’t forget that if you are a user of these collections and that service provider is not a filter. So the hours of the day when you are not at home or at work, because Termination of service of mobile operators, you do not have access to the Internet, so this restriction has removed your access. We also know that many people who use a certain service do not necessarily have it in the form of an application on their phone and do not know the address of the service provider; So they search for the desired service on Google.”

50% reduction in sales of companies
50% reduction in sales of companies

Secretary Nasr of Tehran to the problems due to lack of access to Google It is created for businesses, he noted and wrote:

Now, even if Google is not a filter and your access to the Internet (international traffic) is cut off, you cannot search for that service provider in Google. Therefore, the sales of that service provider drop sharply at that hour. These issues are another aspect of the restrictions imposed in recent weeks. Those officials who say that the internet is not interrupted at this time or in this place, or that a certain service or a certain platform is not filtered, should also see this side of the story.

Government and compensation

50% reduction in sales of companies
50% reduction in sales of companies

In another part of his note, Keshavarz mentioned the proposals presented to the government and wrote: “We all remember in the Economic Council when companies were ordered to sell their products at a fixed price, they were given the difference and compensation for losses. The producer support organization calculated the difference and returned it to the producer.

He further described the provision of facilities as a solution and wrote:

Even now, it is possible to calculate this compensation of losses and return it to the producers or even give facilities. For example, considering the deadline for submitting VAT declarations for the summer season, which is October 20, we corresponded with the Tax Administration to add at least one month to this deadline and give a 50% discount. This is the zero step and I am not saying that it is the first step to compensate for damages. I’m just saying that the government should prove its so-called brotherhood.

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